DOT number for LCO's ?

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    Does anyone have a DOT number for there pick ups that they use to pull the mowing equipment with? I was getting fuel this morning and a guy who has a bobcat service here in town told me to watch out because he got pulled over last week and received 3 citations. One for no DOT number on the truck. One for not having the trailer licensed and one for not having a CDL Physical. Cop told him that someone had an accident the other day and hurt some people and they were going to crack down on the landscapers and lawn care people.
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    Out here you have to have a dot number on your truck, or trailer if your gvw is over 10,000 lbs. The dot number can be on the trailer if that is what put you over the weight limit. Also you have to have your company name on the truck or trailer if you are over 10k.....hope that helps
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    In Ky you don't need DOT or CDL or phys. If you were hauling a botcat which weighs around 6,000 depending on bucket size, and a heavy trailer and truck you might need dot numbers, but you won't weigh that much with lawn equipment.
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    Also, you will need tags for your trailer. In Ky. if your NON business no plates are required, but if its business you should get it tagged.
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    If Kentucky has agreed to enforce federal DOT regulations (and most States have) you will need a DOT number on your truck, a medical certificate, fire extinguisher & triangles in the truck as well as extra fuses for the electrical system. These rules take effect if the truck & trailer combined have a gross vehicle registered weight of 10,000lbs or more. Look on the door frame of your truck for the manufacturers vehicle weight. My half ton pickup has a GVRW of 6400lbs. My 16 foot trailers is 7000lbs so I need all of the above. If a LCO has a 3/4 or 1 ton truck, almost anything that is towed behind it for commercial reasons will make the combination over the 10,000lb limit.

    When I looked into this the police gave me a book for free with instructions on how to comply. The DOT number (for MD) was free. The medical card was $15 with my co-pay.

    Don't guess - call your local police and get the straight information. IN WRITING! Again the manufacturers GVRW is what is used to determine the 10,000lb rule - not how much your lawnmower weighs on the trailer. Your truck by itself is probably OK. When a trailer is hooked to it most likely it is over the 10,000lb limit.

    The fines here in MD are high for each violation ($1,000 a pop) I don't know what they would be in Ky.
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    A few weeks ago, I posted about the cops taking there equiptment, there were 2 black boys " 20 - 27 years old " I seen them around town cutting. they had a small truck, small ztr, a few line trimmers and such, nothing too big. well I seen the cops towing there equiptment away,
    ever sence I have been trying to find out why, but havent yet,,, it never came out in the paper or anything, But I'm thinking something like DOT numbers, of something simular,
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    I tried that once...they didn't have the faintest idea. :dizzy:
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    Ok now that you have had several people tell you what they think they know I will tell you the correct process in Kentucky. First off you have to have a commercial insurance policy on you truck, trailer and equipment, second any trailer used for a business in the state of KY has to be taggedwith commercial plates. You need to have a medical card and you better have a fire extinguisher & triangles in both your trucks. If you are going to be transporting your bobcat you should have a dot # on any truck bigger than a half ton. This rule applies even more so if you are going out of state. The dot are a lot stricter once you get past lexington, and the farther south you go the more headaches. We have been stopped in E-town, Bowling green and near fort Knox and a few times near louisville. The DOT will check the weight of the trailer and check the tag in the door for the maximum towing weight. IF you are pulling a tag trailer for the bobcat you will be over weight. I enclosed a picture of one of my truck that the dot inspected and approved.

    PDC_0019 smal.JPG
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    I agree with what MDLawnman said for the details. Not hard to get a DOT #, just have to apply & provide Proof of Insurance.

    YES, they (police) can take you "out of service" on the spot if you don't comply. In INDIANA you have to have BRAKES on ALL AXLES as well as a Break-away kit.

    IF you are IN BUSINESS, it is just a COST of DOING BUSINESS. If you're going to do it, DO IT RIGHT. If not, I've got no sympathy for cheaters that are too cheap to follow the rules and put MY SAFETY and everyone else on the road's safety in jeopardy.

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    Gentleman. He doesn't have the bobcat. The man he was talking to does. If he has a truck with a rollback or no trailer he can weight up to 26,000 lbs. without class a. If he has a trailer, he has to stay under 10,000 with load. Being in business is a pain sometimes

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