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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by pavwa, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Yes! They sure do! Thank you for mentioning that. :)
  2. Duffster

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    What if it is not registered to a company?

    I am not aware of any personal exemption on a federal level.
  3. JPsDuramax

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    It depends what you are hauling. If your towing campers, boats, atvs, etc then no you do not need to be DOT registered. if you are hauling construction or landscape equipment, it depends on the state. You may have to prove that it is for personal use. I would say you would have to be DOT registered. Kind of a gray area. I make sure to have the marked vehicle if I'm picking up something across the state line. Better to be safe
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    so i just heard somethin about kentucky state police are gettin ready to start seting up road blocks to check us all and somethin about a checklist of all kinds of crap, and something about gas cans bein a hazardous material , anybody else delt with any of this? and also what about auditing? anybody had it done a lawn care was audited for 4 hours and got all kinds of fines over it for not writing down hours

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