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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Diesel Mack, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Diesel Mack

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    What do landscaping companies need to follow to be in compliance with DOT?
  2. Omran&Turbo

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    It is very easy and really will not cost any$$.
    You need to go to the department of transportation office in your area and fill out an application, you need to have your truck registeration, insurance and tax ID# and in the same day they will give you a us DOT # you need to go then and make a sign with your company name and the # and stick it on your truck. here in KY if you are going t stay in the same state, ( I mean work only in KY ) then dot is free ( you will pay dot tax when you renew your registeration each year.
    But if I want to go work in surrounding states too like TN ,IN or OH then I have to pay for 50 States DOT and that is $1200 a year so no thanks.
  3. SangerLawn

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    WOW!!! Not sure where you got some of that info but…WOW lol

    DOT numbers are free no matter if they are intrastate or interstate. You will how ever be expected to pay road tax on any miles driven out of state…..not sure where the $1,200 came from????

    Don’t bother going to DOT office to get your numbers since they can not help you anyway. DOT numbers are federal numbers that can not be given by a state office. Do a search on google for federal DOT number registration. Fill out the paper work (its free) then call your state office (local state trooper office can give you number) to register your DOT numbers in your state.

    Once you file contact your local state trooper office to find out what is required in your state and set up an appointment for your inspection. Depending how you set up your numbers different insurance may be required.

    Total cost for everything needed to stay legal including yearly insurance and physical will be around $1,000 a year.
  4. Omran&Turbo

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    Well maybe it is diffrent from IN to KY, I got my DOT in 2004 and the guy in frankfort asked me if I want to go outside the state to work or not, and he the one who informed me that it will cost me extra if I am going to take it for outside the state.that's what I did understand at that time I might be wrong too or did not understood what he ment exactly, because all what I wanted is just to get my truck legal) BTW I have 26000 lb licence and it cost me extra$200 a year. LOL.
  5. S&S Outdoor Services

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    Anyone know if that's the same for MN?

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