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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by landscaper22, Jan 31, 2012.

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    This may be a dumb question...BUT I am looking for some input from those of you with a US DOT number. I just realized I had to register because my F-250 with enclosed trailer, loaded with equip. exceeds the 10,000 lb. limit. First of all this is really crazy in my opinion. I hate when the government changes regulation like that. The whole DOT thing is geared towards TRUCKERS. So, when they change the law, they really have no way to regulate into different categories. So all us little F-250's have the same regulation as a huge 18 wheeler. It is just crazy. Most of the info doesn't even apply to someone like myself, because I don't even have a CDL. Anyway long rant short...I just got my DOT number and need to know exactly what I have to have when audited. Yes, they e-mailed me some mumbo jumbo about things you need to have and blah blah. Maybe it was just me, but I felt like I was on a wild goose chase. Like you need such and such according to this law...only to click on that link and it takes me to more junk and no easy cut and dry answer. Of course they do that crap hoping to confuse us and generate income through fines.
    I have a fire extinguisher and triangles. I understand about the ins requirements. I am just unclear about exactly what paperwork I have to have in truck and or on file. I know there is the actual driver's application. Then there is something about driving record??? So, I need to do what? Go to the DMV and have my record pulled? Anything else I am missing. Again, I am looking for help from people that have a US DOT number (interstate number) and have been through a new entrant audit. Thanks in advance!
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    When they came out and did my new entrant audit, they pointed out everything that I needed that I didn't already have. Some things you need is, driving test, HA! self given, maintenance records, med card, driving record. the BFB.... Big Focking Book of DOT Regs, which you have to pay for updates every year that pertain to nothing you are doing. That's just a few things. Be sure to ask a lot of questions when the officer comes to do your audit. It will be the only time you won't be fined. Good Luck.

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    Hold the horses. Why don't you go onto your states DOT website and find the rules for Landscapers? Here in MN, we have a list of requirements for the +10K lb GVW situation (which is really anyone with a tandem axle trailer, ridiculous I know).

    There is no annual inspection here, unless over 26K lbs or 10K lbs AND interstate involved.
    The only things I can glean are: med card, safety triangles/extinguisher, load securement (duh anyone should do this anyway), DOT # (free), and pre/post trip inspection reports (just make your form and check off on it every day not hard). Simple stuff - I was freaked out at first but that went away fast.
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    Oh, that's good to know. I didn't know the first audit was "fine free" so to speak. That's good though that they will tell you everything you need and go over things with you. I am slowly getting things together. I was sort of in a panic myself. I will go check out my state's site and see if they have anything for landscapers. If not I will call the SC office and irritate them (nicely of course) Usually if you call and act all interested and dumb, they will help you out. lol... I have my number on my tuck now, but I did get it on a magnetic sign so I can take it off if I am not pulling my trailer. I appreciate your input DA.

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