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DOT requirments.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by newjerseylandscaping, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. newjerseylandscaping

    newjerseylandscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,174

    Hey gys saw a few threds o DOT requirements. I wanted to know that they are. What is required to carry o your truck wile towing excetra. thanks. NJ
  2. CurbGuyNC

    CurbGuyNC LawnSite Member
    from NC
    Messages: 27

  3. newjerseylandscaping

    newjerseylandscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,174

    Thanks, ill take a look
  4. buttaluv

    buttaluv LawnSite Senior Member
    from MidWest
    Messages: 569

    I am having a time with them, I'll make a long story short....

    I live in Missouri, Mow in Missouri & Kansas...Right Now, I have a 1/2 ton GMC with 12' trailer and a new 18' trailer (am looking into a 3/4 or 1 ton truck) that will put me over the 10,001 lb limit!

    I got a notice from Missouri two weeks ago that I owed 76.00 for up to two vehicles...so I angrily sent a check...then I got a letter on Thursday that they couldn't process my UCR whatever because I owed another 76.00 for 2010!
    Also Thursday I received a call from the Modot Motor Carrier that they wanted to do a new entrant Safety Audit....Great!!! He started asking me about my operation and telling me what I need to do!

    I need a Million Dollar Liability insurance policy ( don't have that, there goes my premium)
    have to have a federal annual safety inspection by a large equipment outfit (when I called the two local places and told them it was a 1/2 GMC...they laughed...out loud) there's another 55.00 bucks
    driving history record...etc.etc.etc.

    ok, so short story long...I am just frustrated, I've spent 8 or 900 dollars on this deal already...I just want to mow a little freaking grass!!! you hear all the politicians saying they want to help the small business's...BULL ****!!!

    Right now I'm thinking ford ranger's pulling 12' trailers and the usdot can suck it!!!

    sorry was that too much!!!
  5. newjerseylandscaping

    newjerseylandscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,174

    HAHA thats what im worried about,

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