Dot said put numbers on truck

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  1. phasthound

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    My regular doc stopped doing CDL Exams as it reduced the amount of time he could spend on real Dr's work.
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    One of my guys needed to renew his med card and went to Med Express (wally world type band-aid clinic), the "nurse" there ended up revoking his card because he takes meds for high cholesterol. He ended up going to his regular family doc and he laughed about it and renewed his card.

    Moral of the story, don't mess with these 5 minute clinic type deals, I've heard from a lot of guys who have had their med cards denied or revoked because of some nurse.
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  3. ETM

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    They used to make us get dot numbers. Now it’s not that big of a deal. Haven’t seen them out in forcing it in a while.
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  4. OP

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    Contacted them to ask how much insurance is needed on a 10,800# non hazmat truck ( my one ton spray truck ) and all they do is refer me to their web site which says under 10,001 300k and over 10,001# 750K to 5Million depending on type of freight. Can not pin them down on how much I need. What is the matter with these people. Even when you try to comply they cant tell you how.
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  5. OP

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    What type of insurance are they looking for? They talk about freight insurance. 200 gallons of urea and herbicide mix ?????
  6. oqueoque

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    Did they catch you crossing state lines or just in your state? This sucks. We put less than 4,000 miles a year on each truck & they treat us like we are driving non stop cross country. I stopped crossing state lines. I can drive less than 15 minutes and be in Pa, but I won't.

    They don't seem to bother you in NJ for now, but crossing the river to Pa is the trap.
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  7. dishboy

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    You do not need logs if you travel less than a 100 miles. No DOT numbers here unless you are over 26000.
  8. tdoeizreal

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    When you cross state lines...driver logs are required. They are different than cdl drivers logs, but you have to keep records of when and where your drivers are going.

    When you cross state numbers are required. Doesn't matter if you're over 26k or driving a Prius doing bids.
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  9. buttaluv

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    That's a little different than what I've been told... which is part of the problem.. and I've been told that by a Kansas hwy patrol trooper. You talk to one entity and they'll tell you something different. I travel from Missouri to Kansas, I'm right on the line. It's a money grab, I'm not saying we don't need some regulations, but come on.. I don't think it needs to be as much as CDL weights.. sorry, end of rant
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    I was the lucky recipient of a.m. On site DOT inspection last year. 3 hours of scrutinizing my tricks, trailers, paperwork, and telling me what I have to do :hammerhead:.

    We are supposed to keep a log for our "scheduled" maintenance on vehicles. Oil change, tire rotation, brakes jobs, etc...WTF...seriously!

    We use Service Autopilot. Luckily the mobile app already tracks drive times and jobs so that covers our driver logs. Drivers can't work more than 14 hours without an 8 hour break if I'm not mistaken.
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