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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowcrazy, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. mowcrazy

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    Hello all, after posting pics of my new enclosed trailer hooked to my truck someone said something about me being over the 10,000 gvw rating and needing dot stickers for my truck. Ive been trying to avoid it just because this is not just a work truck but also used for personal and I just hate to have the letters on when Im on my personal time.

    Here is my question, I have a 1/2 ton pickup truck and bought a 16ft enclosed trailer that has the 5200lb axles under it. If I go ahead and get the dot stickers for the truck am I still illegal because they consider the truck to small to haul a trailer capable of hauling 10,400lbs.

    Now, before everyone gets on me about how I have no business pulling this size trailer with a 1/2 ton truck, I just don't want to hear that. I just want to know if I will still be illegal in any way even though I have the #s on the truck. The truck has plenty enough power to do what I need it to do and trailer has brakes on both axles and stops great. I live out in the sticks and never get on interstates.

    I got on the dot website and holly cow does it confuse me. Just wondered if anyone could help me out on here. Thanks for your time.

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    in Ohio if you don't cross state lines you don't need numbers.
  3. Michdeere

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    Sorry CL, the FMCSA website says otherwise...

    To the O.P.--Go to:
    You'll get the straight story.
  4. zlssefi

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    Im going through this right now, got dot numbers last year and tomorrow i have a fmcsa safety audit. The federal rule is any vehicle with a COMBINED weight of 10,001 pounds or over is considered a CMV, commercial motor vehicle. Basically when your driving around without the trailer your fine. hook up the trailer and thats when the issue starts. Technically speaking if you wanted to register your trailer 400 pounds lighter you shouldnt have a problem....

    MMADDUX LawnSite Member
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    Let me know how the safety audit goes. I am going to have mine soon and am not sure exactly what they are looking for.
  6. zlssefi

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    Make sure you have a file for all of your trucks and trailers and employees. Basically keep a log of maintenance and driver vehicle reports. For the employees they want a copy of licenses, medical cards, driving records and application for employment, those kinds of things.
  7. blakdawg

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    The gov put these 10,001 requirements on hold in Ohio for right now. PUCO ran some experiments and gave informational pull over last year. Gov says its going to hurt small bussiness right now. Yes its confusing. I understand no stickers in Ohio. No log under 150 miles from home. Out of state travel another ball game. Year truck inspection & DOT physical. Not sure about CDL's. That is what I have been told on this mess. Big brother wants your money and take the small guy out of compition. Thinking about going to the democratic state of russia and do bussiness, free trade. LOL
  8. mowcrazy

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    Guys i really appreciate your input on my post but I still have the question of can I get into trouble if I pull this trailer with a half ton truck will they give me a ticket if they think the trailer is to much for the truck. I feel that its not but.................................... I put a leveling hitch on the truck and it doesnt put the truck on its but. Trailer has twin axle brakes and truck stops the trailer great but i know its a numbers game.

    I just don't want to be pulled over and told that my truck is not big enough (safety) to pull the trailer. Trailer weighs 2500lbs and I calculated the weight of what would be in the trailer and that would be approx another 2500lbs. That would put me pulling 5,000lbs behind the truck. That doesnt sound like to much to me at all but to odot the truck may have "to much of a load"
  9. zlssefi

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    I dont think its too much of a load, if you can find a place to weigh the rear axle of your truck, weigh it, as long as the rear axle gvw isnt exceeded i dont think theres anything they can say...
  10. IES

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    A lot of states are going to go back to 26001gvw. Indiana will be going back to it in June. As long as you don't cross state lines the intrastate laws will be back to 26k here.
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