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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Prime Seasons, Oct 23, 2000.

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    I know--too much (???)info already regarding double blades, but...

    I had a chunk of tool room steel milled for the width & thickness of one blade on top and a second groove milled cross ways on the bottom. This worked so well for my old gravely brush hog. Am now making some up for my Lazer & Lazer HP.

    I have never seen any other + blade setups, but imagine they are probably similar. Any other ideas to hold em together?

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    I went 12 seasons with out anything holding the doubles in a + possition. I got a bracket set to hold them in a + on the new Chopper in June and I'm ready to throw them away. I think they are a pain to use and I seldom have any problem with the old Chopper blades moving together. You will notice a difference in the sound of the blades if you do hit something to move them. I just pull up on the trailer ramp and loosen the bolt and fix it. No big deal.

    The bracket collects very fine grass bits that end up getting on the threads when you take the bolts off. If that gets on the threads the bolts are harder to turn in and out. Then you have to take a tap to clean out the threads on the spindles and a die to clean up the bolts. The biggest reason I have left them on is I took off the 1/2" spacer and now unless I use this bracket, the bolt would be to long and bottom out before the blades are tight. I think I'm going to go get a set of shorter bolts now so I can throw them brackets away. It's either that or stop using lube on the bolts so the grass won't stick to it.
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    Lazers do not have the spacers-- just raise cutting heighth accordingly, eh? I suppose I scould try double blades w/o brackets. Seems as though the spindle bolt & belleview washer would not have enough holding force for both.

    Heck, I'll try it that way first and let you know my results.



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