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  1. a clear difference lawn

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    I don't think the blade was weakened by the notches. Everything is supported when its tightened down. I have already run this setup for over 20 hours and have inspected evrything with a fine tooth comb. As far as I can tell there are no differences than running a single blade. I thought I clearly showed in the picture above that this setup is barely heavier than a single G6 blade.
  2. a clear difference lawn

    a clear difference lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    I thought about that but could not figure a way to do it without lowering the bottom blade. The honda mowers that use this system have everything machine fitted. I am going to try the quadracut top blade with an extreme high lift oem blade in springtime. As you can see in the pic, the honda blade sits perfectly across the 2 1/2" factory high lift. It was then simply a matter of putting in a washer reducing the hole from 1 1/4" to 1/2". In the spring/summer I am not as worried about pulverizing leaves and grass because I side discharge. I am more hoping this setup leads to a crisper cut with less stringers.
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    The blades that you notched looked like they were notched at a 90 Degree with a sharp inside corner and that could cause issues with a stress fracture from the 90 degree corner to the blade bolt hole.I would round the inside corners of the notch out .Sharp corners create stress risers, couple that with harmonics and it could lead to catastrophic failure.Honestly I would stick with blades that were straight in the center and just stack them right on top of each other ( + )and tighten the bolt down as I never had an issue running them like that in the past. Good luck and be safe.
  4. a clear difference lawn

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    I understand what you are saying about the stress at the corner, but the flat part of the blades still contact and once they are tightened, I really don't think they would move even without the notches. I have cut some pretty thick growth with this setup (the grass is still really growing in Florida - it was 84 degrees today) and so far have seen no indication of a problem. If I see even the slightest crack I will scrap the whole idea and run them like you said.
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    Interesting concept for sure! I think mower companies oughta look into doing something like that.
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    This is really interesting i cut mainly st. augustine grass and side discharge it so I don't really have the need for it, but it seems to be top notch!

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