Double Blade Mulching

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TGCummings, Jan 27, 2001.

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    I asked this question in another thread earlier this week, but in the mix of all the other questions I believe it got lost and was never responded to. So, here goes:

    I mulch everything at this point, and with the advent of Spring will be returning to the practice of double-blades. In this setup I am considering putting a regular discharge or bagging blade in the mix with a mulching blade, either on top as an extra cutting blade or even on bottom with a mulching blade atop. In theory, since the second blade is just useful in chopping the grass into tinier particles, it would seem that this would work just fine. However, there's a thought in me that the use of a regular blade in this setup might hinder the mulching aspect. Does anyone else out there with double blades use a regular cutting blade in their setup? If so, does it work as well or nearly as well as two mulcing blades, or a high lift and mulcher?

    I have plenty of mulching or gator blades to work in my rotation with my 36" Exmark, but I do have two sets of standard Exmark blades just hanging on the wall and thought I'd work them in if it were feasible, and wouldn't hurt the overall mulching performance.

    Your thoughts, experiences, and theories would be most helpful. ;)

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    I have found that experimanation is the only way to find out,and what works omy Dixie is a gator,and hi-lift,they work the best,but they also bog down my weak 25hp Kohler and make it run hot too,so i usually settle for a gator/std lift ,which draws a lot less HP,and still cuts much better(finer)than just a hi-lift.
  3. TGCummings

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    When running your gator/std lift, do you place the standard blade on top or bottom, or do you shift it around? I plan to experiment with it this week by placing the standard lift on top with the gator or mulching blade on bottom...

  4. Prime Seasons

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    Hi lift on the bottom, gator on the top. Hi lift raises the clippings into the deck/chamber whilst the gators rip the clippings up finer...

  5. My thoughts are put the gator on the bottom. This blade cuts then shreads the clippings. Then put a hi lift on top in early spring when using a tine rake to get as much debris
    up from the soil and shreaded then left on top to dry out and blow away with the spring windstorms.

    I also use a high blade on top in leaf grinding season to move as much material out from under the deck as fast as possible in order to keep max ground speed.

    If between spring and fall I like to use the stock oem blade on top to reduce stress on the spindle bearings, reduce fuel usage, and keep the dust clouds small.

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