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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WLC, Aug 12, 2000.

  1. WLC

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    First I'd like to thank all of the folks that participate in making such a great source of info for the lawn industry. I catch myself drooling over my computer searching for that extra, razors edge efficiency, not yet discovered in NW FL.
    Iv'e been reading a lot of posts on double blade setups.
    I'm really interested for I am eager to spend less time tracing my tracks and double cutting. My accounts are primarily St. Augustine/ Centi., serviced weekly. I was getting my hopes up on trying out a set of the Atomic or Gator blades, then I read a post on here claiming a pretty ratty cut obtained from these blades (not enough lift I suspect). Therefore, I'm leaning back to the double blade setup. I cannot come to a conclusion on what would be a "HOT" setup. I run a 37" Recycler Toro WB, 14 Kohler, I usually let the clippings fly -vs- mulching. Ocasionally I'm forced to "Spot" bag in areas. Pine straw doesn't mulch too well,I'm referring to light straw and debris after a storm, etc.. Any info. regarding bolt lengths, cradle mods,(if necessary), balancing, and blade combinations would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Charles

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    The problem i have had here in the south using double blade. Is that most of the grass I cut is made to cut low. Centipeed ,bermuda etc. On a flat surface the double blades work fine. But cutting slight ditches. The blades cut into the ground.
  3. geogunn

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    charles--can you explain why the double blades are more prone to digging the ground?

    it would seem to me that the lower blade would be in the same position whether you run single or double. thanks.

  4. excel25

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    When you run dbl.the bottom blade is lower by the thickness of the top blade. 1/4in. can make a big diff.
  5. Scraper

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    \\\"When you run dbl.the bottom blade is lower by the thickness of the top blade. 1/4in. can make a big diff.\" ?

    Isn\\\'t that why you would offset that? At least on Scag you have 1/4\\\" spacers. Just remove one to accomodate the difference in the extra blade. Mows at same height with two as it would with one. Simple math. Other mowers may not adjust that way...that\'s why Scag rule! :)

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  6. Scraper

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    andrews: So why not just raise the deck to the next level? maybe I'm just missing something here...

  7. Getmow

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    WLC, unless you have an unusual 37" toro you will be hard pressed to run two blades on each spindle because of the blade cradle. Also with the crappy cut the 37 has it might make it twice as bad. I find my 37 leaves a strip of uncut grass in the center when it is discharging or mulching. It appears the grass is pushed over rather than cut sometimes. I would suggest a different mower (a 44" or a 36" if gates are a problem).

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