Double Blades and Golf clubs...they don't mix

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Miller Mowing, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. Miller Mowing

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    I just thought I would mention, that whenever all you guys are out mowing, just be careful to watch for things laying in the grass. I assume most of you are careful operators, and I certainly try to be at all times, but this one slipped by me. I was mowing for one of my clients, in fairly tall grass when suddenly there was a resounding Clank! Clank! Wham! It fortunately slipped the main deck drive belt, so the damage to the deck was relatively minimal: I.E. Burnt belt, Very dulled edges with nicks on the blades, etc. Needless to say, it pretty much "finished" the golf club. Turns out that the guys kids were playing with a golf ball and club one day, and seemed to have forgot about, and then lost the club. I had walked the area ahead of time as usual, but missed that one. The good thing was no one was hurt, and the man said that since it was his kids fault for leaving the club out in the grass, that I didn't have to replace it. Sorry for the long post, but I just thought that this could be a reminder to all, to continue to be safe while working, because things can happen awful quick when you are least expecting it!
  2. HOMER

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    I should hope he wouldn't want you to replace it. I think you should ask him to replace your blades!
  3. awm

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    in a perfect world . they really owe for damages. but all ive ever got was
    "i just remembered it when i heard the
    noise.:D did u hurt u mower..
    favorites dog toys,chain of all kinds,
    and tools left in high grass.:)
  4. rodfather

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    OUCH!!! That must have hurt running over that golf club. Tell ya what's worse...running over a golf ball. Those babies can come out like they got shot out of a cannon. And the sound they make can scare the bejeezuz out of you too!
  5. rvsuper

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    How about a wooden baseball bat? I ran one over one time in high grass with the Proline and WHAM!! It comes out in all little pieces of wood, customer paid for the blade and deck damage.....bent the spindle, big dent in the deck, not much to the blades tho.

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