Double blades and grass types: Enough info?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mark McC, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Mark McC

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    Hi Gang,

    We hear a lot on lawnsite about clumping, double blades, double cutting, Roy's Meg-Mos and so on. It occurs to me that we often fail to discuss these situations in context.

    So how about this. We chime in with a description of:

    1) Where we operate;
    2) What type of grass we see most often on our route;
    3) What types of blades work best during heavy growth periods;
    4) Whether Meg-Mos work on this;
    5) What kind of mower we use (including a description of deck size and engine manufacturer and capacity); and
    6) Whether double-cutting is better than using doubles/Meg-Mos.

    Let 'er rip!
  2. Eho

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  3. Precision

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    in Central Florida
    st Augustine and Bahia
    mid lift run with doubles
    On order should be here in time for spring growth
    Gravely PM 260 27HP Kohler
    Don't know yet. will let you know.
  4. Mark McC

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    This is a good start and could become a valuable database. Let's hope others chime in.

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