double blades have set me free

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, May 15, 2002.

  1. bobbygedd

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    ive never considered using doubles, and never heard about doing so till i found this sight. well, with all the rain, and my limited time, i fell behind on my cutting, and that usually means double, triple, quadruple cutting, plus lots of raking and blowing. well, rather than go thru that, i stopped by my dealer and asked his opinion on doubles. he said he never heard of anyone doing that, and recomends i dont it will mess up my equipment. well, i did it anyway. gators on top of high lifts with a half inch spacer in between. URIKA! cut thru the high wet grass like it was nothing, and most lawns only needed to be cut once. this has really saved my ass. im back on schedule with almost no time lost. and the cut looks nice too. just one question, will this damage my machines? ive got 32+48 walkbehinds
  2. swn

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    Have you tried them on the property you were in question about in the earlier thread? Just wondering how they did on it.
  3. bobbygedd

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    not yet, but hes do friday, im gonna try them there. the only thing im woried about at his place is that he has nice landscaping, and we put in 4 yds of mulch not too long ago. the mulch is supposed to be brown, not green. so, ill try it out anyway
  4. UGA

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    only cut around 4 hours per week but I LOVE THEM!!! There is
    simply no comparison to what my cuts used to look like. I can regularly cut 4 inches of grass and not have enough clippings left over to worry about. Before when I cut bermuda 2-3 inches at a time I would have lots of dead grass left over - what a pain. And when I used gators to solve the problem then I wouldn't be striping as well. Now I get the best of both worlds. I sure hope that it doesn't wear out my clutch or spindles sooner than single blades would but at only 100 hours per year I don't think I have too much to worry about. Good Luck!!!
  5. awm

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    aint it great. i agree bobby
  6. Guardian

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    I have still paid little attention to the Double blade stuff on here....If I try, will I need to use something to keep the blades in a "criss-cross" pattern? How badly do they move? Is the spacer all you need...washer?
  7. Mark

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    When i first saw this site 3ys back thanks to eric he told me how the double blade system worked, i have four commercial mowers and for 3yrs now they all are equiped with doubles thats all i run, i only use singles on my toro 21 proline, and if there was a way to put doubles on it,id be running them, Funny im the only guy in my town that runs them,ive told some exmark guys that cut a complex across where i cut a complex, they even was amazed at my cut and the stipeing,but they think it will tear something up, hell eric ran them for 12yrs without problems,as for tearing something up they seem to give my mowers a better balance with the four sides.So Guardian don't let that stop you from the wonderful world of double blades... Marks Mowing Service
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    hey bobby
    What is the machine your using that you have doubles on?? Cause if i remember correctly you have a Turf Tiger and was wonderin if you have doubles on there. Cause im considering putting them on my 52inch Turf Tiger, hate cutting really thick grass and end up leaving strips of cut grass behind the mower, meaning not all of the clippings are getting blown out the shoot so im thinking with doubles this may help?? I did go slow too so it has nothing to do with the speed. Just for some reason ive notice that the Scag WB with the advantage cuts better than the Turf Tiger Advantage deck so who knows
    Matt (lawnman)
  9. bobbygedd

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    i put the doubles on the 32 exmark for starters. throws the grass about 10 feet, no trail by the discharge area, no sign of clippings anywhere, and sounds like a helicopter! use them, u will love them. still though, no one answered my question: will the double cause excess stress on the machine and do damage?

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