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double blades may have fried my clutch.


LawnSite Member
St. Paul,MN.
Anyone else had an early clutch fry running double blades. I have a lazer z with a 23 horse Kholer and a little over 400 hours.One of my guys says to me "that mower is making funny noises". I look over and there are sparks shooting out of the clutch.
My fear is that the 2 blade set up may be at least partially responsible. Interestingly, the replacement clutch is a Warner unlike the original equipment on this mower in the year it was built. The new z's come with warners. Perhaps exmark had some trouble with these.
I have another z ( with new style clutch) but dont want to shell out the 300.00 for a new clutch every season.Any similar experiences?
My brother in Florida runs 3 toro's and has had electric clutch problems with all of them. I bet it's not the dual blade. I believe they just go out. He has had to pour water on them to cool them off and then they will work just fine for a while. It seem to be when running in thick tall grass. Or when mulching heavy wet grass.

John DiMartino

LawnSite Silver Member
electric clutches sre something i can do without-glad i dont have one-I dont know of anyone who has them and likes them.I think 1/2 the trouble with them is the operator-bring it up to 3700-and start up the blades from a dead stop-I cant believe they last as long as they do.


LawnSite Senior Member
SW Missouri
I had the clutch on my Lazer go out at 4oo hours. Exmark replaced it. The next one went out about only 350. Exmark replace the part/no labor. I think they had trouble with this part.
I had the concerns of double blades and clutch wear, that could have contributed to the problems.