Double blades on a 36" Bunton - need advice

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Budman, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. Budman

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    I would like to try running double blades on my 36" Bunton. What type of blades would work best for this setup? Should I just double up on standard hi-lifts? Or would a mulching blade or a gator work better, or some combination?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. All of the above, and maby more.

    You should experiment with them to see what works best for you.

    On my Exmarks single blades.

    On my DC's high lift on bottom high lift gator on top.
  3. lasher66

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    I have a 36" Bunton. I was running doubles on it, high lifts on the bottom and gators on top. It worked great, but their was also a couple probs that made me re think using doubles on it. I could tell the clutch was really getting a workout getting the blades going. Once the blades were going it ran great, but I had to slowly engage them so it wouldnt stall. Plus their is a ringer on the engine that beeps really loud when the engine gets really hot, mainly to warn you of low oil. Well I had enough oil , but running doubles always made it ring. I wasnt sure if that was a bad thing or not so I took the doubles off. The engine was a 13hp honda. So I am not sure if that is too weak or not. I run doulbes on my 52" Bunton rider and it works great, no probs at all. So it was just that mower. Hope this helped.

  4. PaulJ

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    My 36" is a Lesco with a 14hp Kawasaki. I tried doubles on it first last fall. Stadard blades over highlifts (the only two sets I had at the time). I ran but I could tell it wasn't running full speed. I mean this thing was bogging down before I even got into the grass. I also run Jungle wheels on this mower whenever I can and I knew even If I could cut with the doubles I'd be walkin'. The highlifts alone had been working well so I went back to them. Anyway a few weeks ago I got some gators for it. the worked great and didn't seem to move a smuch air as even the standards so I tried doubles again gators over standard. WOW:D Great cut. Then on a whim I tried the gatord over the highlifts :D :D Even better but I still got some clumping in some heavy grass. This is what I use now Left side- gator over stadard, right(discharge side) -gator over highlift (creates more vacume at the discharge). :D :D :D :D Awsome results runs smooth but I probably will go thru a belt somewhat faster but the cuts worth it. And I can still ride my wheels without the mower bogging down. Keep trying until you get a combo that works on your mower.

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