Double blades on a 52" Mini-Z

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    Trying something different. I'm having a big problem with uncut grass and clumping. The uncut grass is with Bermuda and Fescue, weeds, etc. Either dry or wet doesn't matter. I'm having to double cut every yard if I want it to look OK. If the Bermuda yards are thick...the clumping is ridiculous.

    The blades are sharp, I've tried running slower.

    I put double blades on my Mini-Z today and gonna see how it does next week. Yes, I'll have to remember that it is actually cutting 1/4" lower than indicated.

    I'm really not pleased with the cut of this mower at all. I'll probably be buying a new mower by next spring and will be demoing a Super Z or Hustler Z head to head with an Exmark ultracut this fall.

    Like the Hustler overall, but GOTTA have a better cut. I think the two biggest problems are #1 this mower doesn't have enough power (19hp), and #2 the deck isn't deep enough.

    Any experience with the double blades on the Mini-Z?

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    Let us know how it works out, I think you will have some blow out from the front of the deck.

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    Been running double this week.

    Cut quality: Better, but still not what I would expect.
    Noise: Quite a bit louder
    Clumping: Not much difference
    Dispersion: Not much difference

    I have noticed one significant difference: There is almost nothing on the underside of the deck. Raised it to scrape after the first day and it was the cleanest I've ever seen it.

    It's cutting a little better, but still having to double cut. I need to check other things, but not real sure how to do it all. My dealer is great in every aspect except service. They're really lacking in that area.

    Anyway: Hoping to demo a Super Z or Hustler Z head to head with an Exmark AS with Ultracut this fall. I will most likely be buying a new mower before next March. I'm pretty sad to say that I'm leaning toward the Exmark mainly for the cut quality. I had a Super Mini-Z a few weeks ago as a loaner and was excited to see how the increased horsepower would effect the cut, clumping, etc. Unit was new with about 40 or so hours on it. The blades were just trashed. It was hard to tell the back from cutting edge. To me, I would ensure that a unit left my shop with sharp or new blades. I had to sharpen the blades before I even used the mower.

    Anyway, sorry for the "rant"...I'll keep y'all updated with anything I find.
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    I had a 19hp 52" mini z last year that had the same problems. I was going to get the hustler rep to look at it but it was too late in the season. In the end I have a great dealer in all aspects that was able to sell my mini z for me and I bought a super z with the 60" XR-7 and I couldn't be happier. I'd like to have a little more power than the 27 hp kohler, but I got the engine that the dealer said they knew inside and out. I believe that Hustler really needs to focus some attention on the older style decks such as the ones on the mini z. I have herd of several similar situations as this, and I would like to see these older decks reengineered or replaced with the XR-7. Obviously I know that performance is regional and the old deck may work where the XR-7 doesn't.

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