double blades on a Metro?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeklein, May 9, 2003.

  1. mikeklein

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    I have a 14hp/48" metro.I want to run doubles.I was told to run excalibers on the bottom,original blades on top.When I sharpened the blades earlier I looked it over and it looks like once the blades start turning,they will eventually end up on top of each other instead of maintaining the "+",because there is nothing to prevent the blades from slipping.Is there a bracket or something needed,or weld little tabs on the bottom set.I have never tried this,maybe it will work as it is,Any suggestions?Also I have heard running doubles is very loud,and will throw clippings much further,but will cut grass like crazy,Any truths to these? Thanks.
  2. P&J Lawncare

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    No bracket needed, just put them in a X formation and torque the nut tight, even if they do come together it wont hurt anything .
  3. MacLawnCo

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    I tired it on the exact same deck and engine set up you have and i am now back with my single, solid foil excaliburs. I sharpen them every 8 hours and im all :D :D :D

    With doubles, i found that it created too much airflow and did not cut as well. Top that off with the increased strain on the machine and you will soon go back to singles too. All i can say is that the stock exmark cut is close to unmatched in this industry.
  4. P&J Lawncare

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    The problem with running doubles with this mower is your engine is on the small side for a 48 inch deck, I have a 36 metro with a 15 kohler that I run doubles with (exmark standard blade on top and bottom) and it performs great.
  5. teeca

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    i tried running doubles on my exmark 36" with the 12.5 kaw.. i took them off, slowed the rpm down to much, and cut like ****.. if you want to run doubles, visit you local dixie chopper dealer, and get the 'terminator' part #900003. you will get 3 adaptor plates and it will keep your blades at a perfect 90 deg angle.. and the spindles are the same size on the dixies as the exmark, so don't worry about that.. if you have the mulcher set up on the exmark, take it off untill summer when the grass slows down, or it will kill your speed and cut quality.. trust me on that !!

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