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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jul 5, 2002.


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    Since switching to double blades this spring, one of the many things to impress me is the ability to completly pulverize a plastic toy left in the yard. Those plastic airplanes chop up real well. All evidence is disposed of with one pass of the mower. I wonder how double blades chop up cheap plastic lawn furniture left on the lawn??????

  2. turfman33

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    Don't you just love people that leave stuff out for us to dodge, or, mulch.

  3. Richard Martin

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    Too bad toys aren't still made out of metal. Running over a few of those would cure you of what I consider to be a rude thing to do. I don't mind moving an item or two. If it gets to be excessive then call the homeowner and talk to them about the problem. Destroying toys left in the yard is not the key to good customer relations.
  4. Mark

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    Well said Richard,i try my best not to run over paper let alone my clients childrens toys...Marks Mowing Service
  5. Grass_Slayer

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    i always try to push it out of my way with the deck, bu sometimes the toys just slip under there. oops.
  6. LawnSmith

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    chopping up toys wouldnt float on the props i do or any respectable LCO in my area. i would get canned in a heartbeat if i was to chop up a clients toy or garden hose, dog, cat, etc, you get the picture.
  7. Darryl G

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    I agree, I move things out of the way. You never know, that toy you ran over may be a 4 year olds favorite toy! Why not just kick it out of the way or go around it? Now running over a phone book, that's fun!:D
  8. hubb

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    What would the world be like if someone had chopped up Woody and Buzz?:mad:
    I have to admit I have accidentially chopped up a few toys on some of my apartment complexes that I do. But it was only because I didn't see them. I try not to run over anything. I even once moved a whole family of rabbits across the road. Well one didn't make it. He ran under my deck and I didn't know it until he flew out in peices when I turned the blade on, but the others were ok because I moved them.
  9. Brickman

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    Running over toys at a res property is different than a commercial prop where some body has dumped some thing. At one appartment complex I mow the one resident had no responsibility for her self or her kids. And after weeks and weeks and weeks of moving their stuff on mowing day I would run over the smallest items. Well one day the ----- saw me, and totally came unhinged. She acted like her kid was in major emotional trama for the rest of his life and on and on because he saw me run over his toy. When I asked her why SHE didn't pick the stuff up on mowing day she didn't feel like it was her problem. It was mine, that was what I was paid to do. I would even mow the entire prop except in front of this unit so that she would have close to an hour to pick up their stuff. I called the complex manager and she said do not worry, this person was a major PITA and that she would send the renter a letter telling them that I was not responsible for her kids toys and to keep them picked up.
    That was the end of the fight with that renter. And the manager didn't feel bad that I made the renter pissed.
  10. randosh4

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