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Southern, Maine
My question is on double blade set ups, our toro pro-line has 52" side dischage deck with Gator blades and leaves clumps of grass, will double blades work better? We are from Maine and the grass is very thick at times. I Sometimes have to mow over what the Toro did with one of our Walker mowers to clean up wich is defeating the purpose.
Any ideas regarding these blades and who carrys them will be appreciated.

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I can surely understand your problem here in Maine,tall wet grass everyday. I use the double blade setup on my lazer
when side discharging.It works great!doesnt bag as good as
single blades though,to much wind flying around the deck,leaves get blown away from deck and not picked up.
double blades will scatter the clippings better,I mow couciously with the deflector raised,usually one pass in the tall stuff does the trick.I run a high lift on the bottom and a generac gator type blade on the top,clippings are also discharged smaller so they hide better.
I just purchased the mulch kit for the Exmark last week
not sure if I like it yet,havent tried it in the wet stuff yet. give it a try Nick


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Everyone on this board that uses double blades convinced me to try it-my Gators are on the way, should be in at my dealer Tuesday, but with all the rain I could really use them now. Thanks Guys!

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