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    Hey cutters, I need some info on "double "blades please. I've been hearing a lot about the double blades but I'm a little bit confused about the set-up. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like its just a matter of taking 2 blades, criss-crossing them, and bolting them through the spindle like normal??? Is that all there is to it or do I have to fabricate anything for installation? Also, does running double blades increase wear on the blade brake and clutch because of the extra momentum? Finally what about operator safety - any increased chance of throwing a blade because of the configuration? I hear the "hot" set-up is a stock high-lift blade on bottom, and a gator on top. any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can just bolt the 2 on in a + possition or you can use a bracket to hold them that way. I know Dixie Chopper sells them, but not sure if anyone else does. I used doubles for the past 13 seasons and I didn't get a bracket until last Summer when I got my new diesel Chopper. It isn't a needed thing, but helps.

    As far as extra wear on your clutch, if you start the blades at just above an idle like you should and shut them off at an idle, you should not have much extra wear. The cut is worth it if it does. There is not extra wear on spindles that I can tell. I have only replaced one spindle set of bearings in the past 16 seasons and that was on the old Chopper I have now. I replaced the bearings on the one spindle at around 3,000 hours and they were still good, but just a fuzz loose. The other two are still tight and have 3,236 hours on them.
    The safety feature is fine as long as you use the correct length and hardness of bolts. I run highlift on the top, gators on the bottom of one and mulchers on the bottom of the other Chopper. Try different combo's and see what works best for you.


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    Eric ELM,

    Thanks for the info, it was very helpful.

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