Double Blades??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SEKscag, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. SEKscag

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    How hard is this on the engine?? Now don't get on and tell me it isn't ANY harder, because I've mounted them and heard the pull of the engine. My question is does it slow them down enough that it could lower your engine life? What combinations of blades work best? Hilift on bottom, gator on top?
  2. Runner

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    Oh, it definitely puts more drag on the motor. I don't think it affect the life, though. There are alot of other factors that can affect the life of a motor much more than that - such as proper oil changes, filter cleanings, warm up times, etc.. This has much more effect on the CLUTCH than it does the motor. The main thing is, is that you need to know to engage your clutch at a lower rpm, and disengage it at a lower rpm as well. This will save your clutchlife many times over.
  3. SEKscag

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    Thanks. I change oil every 50hrs and clean air filters daily. Hoping to get my money out of these machines someday. If I ever graduate college that is.. :)

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