Double Blades!?!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KPM, Jan 5, 2009.


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    So if you run X blades do you just simply bolt the 2 blades onto the spindle or do they need to interlock somehow to prevent shifting?
  2. karlgrooms

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    Can anyone answer the question above.

    I've often thought of trying this but can't see the benefit. If it worked, I believe that some blade manufacturer or mower manufacturer would be marketing it by now.
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    Just bolt them tight. Gravely makes a bracket for holding them at a 90 deg angle, but you don't need it. They will move a bit if you hit something, but so long as they are balanced, it doesn't matter if they stay at a right angle. I actually like to put my gators right behind my high-lifts.
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    Do you have a link for the Gravely bracket? I would like to see that part.
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    I have run doubles for years on Toro and problems........great for leaves... The new Style Meg-mos do not seem to need as much power, but I also don't think they work as well.......
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    Dixie Chopper makes the X-Blades, the top is fabricated so the bottom fits underneath and they cut on a level plane. I used to use them, but now have too many machines to have to sharpen that many extra blades every day. I prefer sharp blades over two blades anyday. I haven't seen a new style of Meg-Mo, but I tried a set a few years back and sent them back because the blades folded back and the deck got clogged up like you wouldn't believe.
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    I use regular lift on the bottom, high lift on top.
  8. Put a 1/4" thick washer between the two blades. That will keep the blades from spinning on almost the same level. It'll make the clippings a little longer. So it's a little easier on the mower.
    With the blades stacked together the clippings come out ground really fine.

    Adding double blades can change the height of cut on some mowers. You might have to change your deck height.
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    I ran doubles on my Gravely with the factory bracket and I also ran my Toro SFS with doubles without any bracket for years. Dixie also makes a bracket for running doubles. On the Dixiechoppers web site they have a video and part numbers of their double bracket.
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    does anyone have a picture of this setup. Sounds like it might be something to consider

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