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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Art Stubbs handy 58, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. Art Stubbs handy 58

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    I'm looking at trying to set a double blade set up on one of tractors I have JD Sabre 1948, I stopped at the implement dealer today to see what is available they did'nt have a clue to what I was asking. They immediatly said no!!!"but we'll check and call you back" I said yea right, I'm still waiting for that lady to call me back I gave the bid to 3 months ago lol...... Any help, I would like to see if this can be done and what the cut will look like:
  2. 2 of the same blades set in a "+" pattern on each spindle.

    One is just above the other.
  3. Art Stubbs handy 58

    Art Stubbs handy 58 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 132

    My shaft is not long enough to fit two blades on, I tryed this today, rained out, had to work on equipment... Do you know if i can replace the whole spindle unit with a longer shaft?????
  4. Nope no clue.
  5. sbvfd592

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    try a longer blade bolt just go to the hardware store and get a stanless steel bolt 1/4 or a inch longer?;)
  6. awm

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    if the longer bolt is not the answer for your particular piece of equipment.
    my advice is ,dont alter your mower too much to run doubles. i think it might be easier to just get a mower that will allow u to stack in most cases jmho.
  7. KLMlawn

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    I am not familiar with the JD machine you are reffering to, but in most cases, in order to run double blades you have to move an extra sacer to the top of the spindle or if the bolt isn't long enough, just remove it and put it somewhere safe and where you will remember it is when you decide to go back to running singles.

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