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double blades


LawnSite Member
i'm new to "lawnsite" As i have read the threads i have been hearing alot about double blades but I don't really understand what they are or how i would mount them on my scag 36". If anyone has a pic that would be great, otherwise if you could just explain them that would be great too. thanks
I know there are lot's of other threads with good info. But I tried out the double blade setup on my Scag 36" with the 12.5 hp kawi. I found that the motor just didn't have enough power to spin the blades to the top blade tip speed at full throttle. I know that larger motors have done good by this technique, but for the little 12.5 it doesn't work too good. Good Luck.


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SE Pennsylvania
Welcome and yes this has been discussed over and over, but as a Scag user I can say that if you have a 14HP on your 36" it will work fine as my 36"with the 14HP has no problems. Also you will have to remove one of the spacers as the blade bolt is not long enough to compensate for the added blade. The added blade is almost the equivalent of one spacer. Any more questioons feel free to e-mail me at oscapes@yahoo.com

P.S. If you have the 12.5 HP, then what Firebrand says is probably true. I can only speak for the 14HP. I also run the doubles on my 52" with a 17HP Kawi. No matter what if you're using the double blade set-up if the grass is really high or thick you will notice some bogging down of the engine. Also...GREASE YOUR SPINDLES OFTEN!!! as the added load seems to burn it off all the more quicker!!!