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  1. SMBUDDY46

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    i'm recently running with stock high lift blades, i just purchased my super mini- z with the 24/52. i purchased a extra set of gator mulching blades can i double these with the blades that came with the mower. is there any washers or other parts that need to bought to do this. thanks.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    I understand you need to use a longer bolt and that is all.
    We do not test with doubles so I can not give you a personal experience answer.
    I am sure there are some members here that will let you know.

  3. WLLD

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    I have the Super Mini 52" w/ 25HP Kawasaki and run doubles on it. I went with a Bobcat offset blades on the top and Gator on the bottom. With the offest blades - they run on the same plane (almost). With the stock blade (I think they are straight) - they will run about 1/4" off plane. You should have no problems - bottom blade might run a little low in the deck with some added blow-out.

  4. supermini z

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    I have the same machine. the 24/52. I started out with singles and tried doubles to see what the difference was. with doubles you will through the grass about 3 lines over compared to just one line over with singles. also you will cut the grass finer than with singles. But the downside is you will be putting twice the stress on the machine. what I did was started running castrol syntec in my engine and hydro system. This does make the engine run smother and will prolong the life of it.
  5. JHE

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    I run doubles on my full size Z. Put the Gator on the top and the factory (I think it is a medium lift) on the bottom. Finner clippings and better dispersement are the obvious advantage and I think worth it just for that. You do get blow out and in the wind the grass flies back on the operator a lot. Also, I noticed a slight increase in cut quality but it wasn't enough to write home about.
  6. icatcher

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    Is everyone SD or mulching.
    I mulch with gators only, been thinking of trying doubles but don't need anymore blowout.

    Super mini 25/52.
  7. supermini z

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    SD. mulching is for the birds
  8. Doc Pete

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    You may want change the Gator for another factory blade, and run two hustler blades, which should help with your blowout problem. Also, from the increase in lift from a factory highlift blade, your cut will improve, too.
    Hustler is also working on blade development and you should see new blades for the Z's in the not too distant future.
  9. JHE

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    Doc Pete - thanks for the advice. I thought the Gator was a Hustler blade - you can only get it at a Hustler dealer? Regardless and just so I understand, are you saying to run two hi-lifts on my deck? Or one hi-lift and a standard blade. Which one goes on top? It is good to hear that Hustler is working on some more factory blades. Thanks!
  10. Doc Pete

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    As I read you have the 25/52" machine. That much power should have no problem using double "high lifts". Vacuuming seems to be the most important thing for improving the cut (when all other options are held equal), which the double blades do by reason of the added sails on each blade. The value of the "extra cutting surfaces" of double blades is really only a "Plus" in dry weather conditions. In fact, the extra blades actually become a drawback in wet conditions by chopping up the grass so fine, it turns in soup and clumps.
    I've proven this by using my new "super lifts" (which have about the same vacuum as factory high lifts doubles), and factory high lift doubles. The result was the super lift barely clumped compared to the high lift doubles, because they did not cut the grass as fine, but rather just threw the grass out the chute.

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