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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Husker1982, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. Husker1982

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    Alright guys just wondering since I don't think this has ever been brought up. What do you charge if you do charge for double cutting if say the grass is extremely tall or wet and needs it, and you have to blow off a little even after that? Or maybe you cut it once and then have to blow off a little? To give an example say you have a 10,000 sqft lawn you get $30.00 for what would you charge to clean it up if needed? Thanks for the input.
  2. Richard Martin

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    I don't charge if I have to go over a lawn twice or blow some clippings off of it. Last year when everybody was all happy about breezing through lawns (because of the droughts) in record times I didn't hear one single mention about giving customers a break on the prices. If the price of gas goes up a little all I hear on Lawnsite is how much to raise the customers prices because of it. How many of those whiners will be lowering the price when gas goes back down?

    Before anybody surcharges a customer they need to think about how much it actually costs to do that cleanup pass over the lawn. I hear people talk about charging double if they have to go over it twice. That's crazy! Are they trimming and blowing twice? No! Are they going over the entire lawn twice? No! If the first pass was done at 5 or 6 mph is the second pass done that slow? Of course not! A second cleanup pass is usually only done on the large open areas at top speed. It takes what? 5 or 10 extra minutes? Gim'me a break and stop gouging customers.
  3. Strawbridge Lawn

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    I will double of triple cut. Basically do whatever it takes to make sure it looks good when I leave. I don't even consider charging more. If it is in your original contract then perhaps you can justify it, but I would not put t it in a contract.
    As a retired USN meteorologist, I will tell you this year will come close to breaking many records for rainfall (daaahhh). It also means it is rare to have seasons like this. I realixe it is tough for many with fullsschedules due to the rain, but IMO we need to suck it up as a rare and very tough season.
    Weather pattern showing signs of shifting next week and that means drierand htter in the east and wet and col out west and through the west-central plains. (at least for next week)
  4. mikesjumpingin

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    I have a non-regular customer; I over-seeded their lawn and did some landscaping. Now that their lawn is restored and fed, their little old rusty mower can't cut it if they let it go a little because of all this rain.

    So, I cut it once about five weeks ago, based on the rate I told them for regular cutting. They called me back last week to cut again, and it hadn't been cut since I last did it. I had to make three passes.

    So, in my case, I think I will stick to regular rate for that cut, whine and moan about how time-consuming it was, and ask them to be my regular customer, or, they will need to cut it one or two weeks prior to me coming by. Frankly, if the guy wants to cut it, he needs a new mower, and that will be one suggestion. I will let them decide what they want.

    Since I'm still taking new accounts, I know it's the season cash flow that really counts more than what I get from a single cut. However, I'm busy enough to be stressed out over triple cutting "hay".

  5. Strawbridge Lawn

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    Sporadic customers I treat differently over regular routine (weekly annual/ seasonal customers). I typically do charge more for properties that have not been cut in cycle because of the homeowner (not rain). Many people get into houses and can't find time to maintain their property on a regular basis.
    When I talk with them I let them know up front about how important routine cutting is. Price is cheaper per cut every week vice once every 2-3 weeks.
  6. GarPA

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    Strawbridge....I too thought this week we would start seeing a change in the weather pattern to warmer and drier. THey predicted mid 80's this week and only passing t storms. Well its still in the low 70's and more rain than a "passing" t storm. So what does your weather crystal ball show for the next couple weeks??? Please tell us you see a change in the pattern!!!!!
  7. geogunn

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    as we are mostly rural here, most residentals are on septics systems. if the rest of the yard is normal cutting height and you do one pass, chances are it's gonna be doubles or triples over the drainfield.

    for a customer that lets the yard go to heck for several weeks and that I feel is trying to abuse me by taking advantage of my kindness, there is a good chance we are gonna discuss prices before I unload the mowers.

  8. Gravely_Man

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    For all of my regular customers (those on my schedule) no I do not charge more if I have to double cut. The only time I would charge more is if it is later in the season and it is the first time the customers lawn has been cut, but then the price would go down to the normal rate after the first cleanup/cut.

  9. bobbygedd

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    the question is, what is a "lawn cut?" simple, for your $30 u get: one pass with mower, trimming, and edging to be done every other visit, as well as the clippings blown off of the driveways and walkways. THATS IT! NOTHING MORE! im running a business, not a charity. when i have to make 2-3 passes, its charged accordingly, either a "surcharge' or 1.5-2x the regular rate. now, ill tell u what will happen, if u have them on a flat monthly rate, alot will pay the bill regaurdless if u made it 4 times or not. others will recieve the bill , lets say $200 monthly service fee, and they will cross it out, write "one missed cut" and send in $165. that burns me up. i was talking about this last night with my friend, hes been in the business many years. its now impossible to get rid of grass in my area, unless u dump illegally. that on top of constant rain, slowdown in production, higher costs, and less profit, and guys are LOWERING thier prices! duhhh. just to "keep the customer happy". i will never figure it out. answer to your question, once again: if u want to eat, and live indoors, and you make your living cutting grass, yes, u must charge extra for high wet grass that is the result of an act of god(rain) . now, say something unusual happens, say both trucks break down at the same time, and i cant make the cut that week, the next week i dont charge extra. it is my responsibility to keep the trucks in good running condition, but when something like excessive rain happens, something u have no control over, charge more.

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