Double Cutting ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowman, May 8, 2000.

  1. Mowman

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    Anyone having to double cut their lawns to get a nice finish look? The last few times I have had to double cut everything. If so do you charge extra? Mowman
  2. Bobby

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    We double cut just about everything.It's a must do for quality work in my area. Lawns are priced knowing this in advance.<p>----------<br>Bobby <br>Ft Lauderdale
  3. smoker

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    a lot of people do it but not all. the advantages are simple. If you have the time and want to keep your customers happy double cut when possible.<br>1. it will make your clippings much, much smaller and you won't have to bag.<br>2. you will stripe the lawn (see eric elm's web site, just click on his name at the top of this page)<br>in order to do an even better job go to the double blade system posted on this forum. go to search and key in double blades, this site will explain it to you. some will tell you time is money,true, but doing a second pass will take no more time then if you had to bag the clippings and chances are if your competition is not doing it your lawns might just look better and you will get referrals. good luck
  4. Keith

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    Oh yeah! We end up double cutting parts of 70% of the lawns when they grow like mad in the summer. It is something you do to set your work above the rest. Usually we don't have to double cut the entire lawn, just some spots. We just lift the deck a notch or two for the second cut. Know this going in when you bid the lawn.
  5. Gus

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    We double cut nearly everything this time year because it saves bagging anmd looks good when your done. I always factor this in the cost of my bids.
  6. The reason you guys have to double cut is because you have made poor equipment choices<br>and or cannot control the type and amount of fertilizer applied.<p>My old toros mow althletic fields (bluegrass)to 1 1/2 inches at a six day cycle.<p>REsideintial lawns are mowed to 2 1/2 inches<br>on a seven-eight day cycle in one pass without any visible clippings. And my machines run in high gear at all times.
  7. curlawngreen

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    What is this charge that you get for cutting someones yard twice? $27.00 stop fee, $2.00 per 1m 2X or what? Priced beforhand? If I told any of my clients I would have to cut their lawn twice they would ask me WHY? Can you answer the question?
  8. steveair

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    hello,<p>I usually never double cut, but today was a first for me.<p>I had to mow our airfield for over a week, so got behind (almost 2 weeks..oops) on are public areas. Looked like hell. The grass had began seed heading and was real tall, but I had to get the 'priority job' done and its just me until we get our summer help in a couple of weeks. I hate spring. anyways.....<p>On the first cut, it was pretty ugly. Where the front wheels went, the mower left a lot of 'streaks' in that tall grass. Plus, with this HEAT WAVE, the grass seemed more like straw than grass. Did not want to cut. After the first one, had a lot of clippings and 'hairs', so did it again.<p>Much better. Thinking of doing it more often now. I'm lucky, because I don't have to worry about the time it takes (all company time) but I could see losing some bucks if I were in the mowing business and didn't figure it into the price. Interesting in how you guys charge.<p>I have a quick question. Keith said they mow the second pass higher than the first. I was thinking of mowing the first pass higher than normal and then dropping the deck to my normal height for the second. Would this work too? Thought that might lead to better striping this way. <p>Also, I would agree with stone somewhat. If you mow on a 'regular' schedule, you really shouldn't have grass so tall that it needs two cuttings. But, who here has a &quot;Regular&quot; schedule. Does it rain by you stone? I thought you were form NJ too. You must be in that 'dry section' If you are keeping secrets, you should right a book like Nilson has and you could make a fortune. <p>steveair
  9. osc

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    In Ohio, grass can grow 6-8&quot; in one week in the spring and it's pretty hard to get by on one pass no matter what kind of equipment we use.
  10. Steve wrote:<br>&gt;Does it rain by you stone? I thought you were form NJ too. You must be in that 'dry section' <p>I live near Scranton, PA. BTW we had a good downpour from a t-storm last evening.<p>It has been in the upper 80's for the last <br>four days now. <p>Some contractors just don't have the right equipment (poorly designed mowing decks) to<br>handle a lot of clippings. You also need to<br>have the biggest engines that your machines<br>can accept.<p>Maybe Lazer will add some insight on how well<br>52&quot; and 62&quot; toro decks flow.<p>Any machine can mow sparce warm season turf.<br>The real test for a machine is the ability to mow bluegrass up north in the month of May.

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