Double gated trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cuttenup, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. cuttenup

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    Im looking at buying a 16' trailer with side and rear gates. Whats the pros and cons & is it worth the extra $ for the side gate. I found a 7000lb used one w/brakes in great shape. Think I can buy it for around $1800. Does the price sound about right?
  2. Matts lawn care

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    I have a 6.5" by 12 with back and side gate and I love it. I am solo so when I get to a lawn that I need to use my quick 36 on there is no need to back the Z out to get it. Just drive right on out.

    (look at the pic)
  3. MuleCutter

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    side gate gives more weight for the front of the trailer but it comes in really handy for walk behind mowers if you carry more than one rider. the price sounds pretty good if the trailer is pretty new. i bought a custom 18 foot trailer with 4x4 side gate and rear gate, bulldog hitch, 2 3,500 lb axles, pre treated lumber and brakes for $1705... this was brand spanking new so you'd prolly be better off looking around to find the best price on a new one..... i think the side gate is worth it though.
  4. mulligant

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    If you are in the Bristol area and would consider driving to the Knoxville Area you could save some money by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. The one I am considering buying my trailer from is Hurst Trailers in Washburn, Tennessee. If I am not mistaken he gave me a price of $1350 for a 6.5 x 16 ft tandem trailer and $150 for the side gate and he will build bigger if that's what you want. The company builds quality trailers for a reasonable price when you buy directly from them. If you are interested you can call them and check them out at Hope this helped. If not that used trailer sounded like a decent deal.
  5. alwaysgreener

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    I like the double gates just for mulch and clean ups. We just bought another one so that makes it 5 that we have... You can't go wrong with it.. Good luck..

  6. FCS Services

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    I love mine.........................

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