Double Wheels on walk behinds

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by syzer, Sep 18, 2001.

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    a dixie choppper would solve that problem
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    Not to bust yer na*s or anything, but considering that your gradient is longer than taller would it not be more cost effective in the long run to use a "w/b" here???

    This would enable you to have better control while mowing and not create ruts from the machine sliding while mowing as it seems to be doing.

    Just a thought.
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    K, let me clear some things up.

    What we usually do on the hill in the picture is run a chariot or a surfer one pass across the top and one across the bottom. Then we take a 52" Toro WB.

    This is the only hill that is long like the. The other big boy is maybe about 30'-40' high I guess and one side spans about 100-150' then there are stairs and the other side the same height about anothe 80-100' feet. (Here we hit one pass with chariot or surfer one or two with wb and the rest with trimmers.)

    Then there is another slope about 100' long that gets pretty damn steep actually one point of it is the steepest out of all of them and it has trees planted all the way down in the middle. (Parts with a trimmer and the rest with a 32" scag)


    Your crazy a ZTR of any kind would not hold these hills, I dont care how great they are.


    If I find something I will post it here or PM you.


    That scag is a 32" I would be there for 3 days cutting the hills with that thing =). I only use that on some of the really tough to get extreme hiolls but still pretty dangerous to use on them.

    Hope this clears some things up.
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    Nick i love dixies, but um...........i dont think they will solve any problems, as syzer stated i would love to see any ztr hold that hill!!!
  6. You really should add a stand on non pivoting two wheel sulky to your 52" Toro. On the steep hills you just get off an walk along the side of the unit. It will do a much better trimming job vs. those yellow machines.

    Besides can you really go faster than 5 mph at that location?

    I find that I can be competitive in all but the wide open spaces with just a 62" and a 52" Toro walkbehinds with sulkys.
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    Larry, its really just traction thing here, we wanted to put these on to add some stability on these hills. We have the bull rider on and thats exactly what we do walk along the side but it does slip at times and i think the dual wheels would help greatly, but thats one of the reasons for the post to get the cons of this idea. Thanks
  8. A couple of ways to improve traction.

    Does it have 15" tall tires. If so change to a new pair of 13.5" tall tires.

    The toro factory bagger frame makes it top heavy. Take the bagger frame off and buy a wright metal bag that has a tiny little bracket mounted to the deck.

    Now this is going to make the machine front end light. Now take some lead and mount it forward and low on the carrier frame.

    The 52" will hold a hill better than a 44 or 36 for the front wheels are spaced wider on the 52".

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    Ok Larry im going to look at that tomorrow morning, it does have 13.5 " tires i believe. Those stripes look nice btw. Thanks.
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    hey Chris

    Is that Great Dane cutting in the two photo or are you just riding over it?

    I have this one client, pain in my *ss Always says the mower is not cutting the grass and that i'm just riding over the lawn. Ya like i would do that. come back the next and mow again.

    I'm not busting you just wondering. With my mower, when runing the blades it is harder to stay on the hills.


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