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    In regard to the previously closed thread.....I have been running double blades on my super mini and they have never slipped. I recently slid down a hill backwards on wet grass and put the blades into those 2 ft diameter rocks that are used to support the hillside. The engine speed dropped, the blades were whacking the rock and bent before I could get my hands off the steering bars and kill the drive to the blades.....but none of the blades slipped from their position of 90 degrees from each other. I did install longer than standard grade 8 bolts when I doubled the blades however, and I put them on and off with an air impact wrench every time. My upper blade also has a "saddle" built into it and the lower blade is a flat gator. If anyone is having problems with the slipping you might want to consider a blade combination like mine.
    The part number for my gator blades with the "saddle" is #XL72532 for a unit with a 52" deck. I do not have the part number handy for the flat blade that I mount below it. I also use a wire wheel on my blade surfaces before installation to eliminate any debris that might reduce the surface friction between the two blades and thereby make it easier for them to slip. This combination really creates some suction from the ground and throws your cuttings a long ways out if you're not using the mulch kit. It also seems to help chop things up better when using the mulch kit, but seems to create a bit more blowout in the front of the deck of the super mini cause all that air has nowhere to go. It chops up dried leaves pretty good....but they end up all over the operator!!!! Hopefully this information will help somebody out being that there seemed to be a lot of confusion on it earlier.....

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