Doubles and Mulching Kits

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ferris_1972, May 14, 2006.

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    I have been in business for about 4 years part-time. I have always bagged everything but reading alot of posts on here I am wondering about double blades and/or a mulching kit. First how good of a job they do and second can someone please explain the two and how they work. Thanks.
  2. topsites

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    I don't bag.

    As for doubles, I never understood this.
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    We mulch mow cool season grass with a 52 inch 23HP Wright Stander that has the curved mulch kit installed. This factory mulch kit separates the three blade into separate round deck sections. We cut at 3.5 inches (4 spacers below and 3 spacers above ). This week has been a good test with rain everyday combined with heavy growth.

    First. Mulch kit Single Gater Blade. At the start of the season we were using single Gater blades that were cutting the grass but leaving some clumping and some "stringers" or uncut grass where the grass blades were not lifted up after the front caster wheel had pushed the grass down. We needed something different as the stringers were not acceptable with the heavy spring growth.

    Second. We tried using double blades with mulch kit. The bottom blade was the standard factory high lift Oregon Brand Blade with a Oregon Brand Gater Blade above to form a cross + pattern. (Removed one lower spacer due to the added thickness of the extra blade). This eliminated the uncut grass but still left some clumping after the underside of deck became filled with packed grass after 3 to 4 hours in wet grass. The negative was the cut grass would blow out from both sides of the deck much more. Even on the rounded trim side. Hard to leave mulch beds free of grass. Suspect a no sail or sand top blade would work better for minimizing blowout. When engaging the blades the engine needed to be raised to compensate for the added blade mass. Fuel consumption seemed about the same. Not the ideal setup for spring wet heavy growth. Might work great for fall to pulverize leaves.

    Third. Mulch kit with single factory Oregon Brand High Lift blade. This seemed to cut good no stingers and no clumping with wet spring growth. Used this setup to mow this week with rain each day. Some mowing during moderate rain. Much mowing with light rain falling. When grass is very wet, like mowing during rain or soon after rain, the underside of deck will start to build up slowly and require cleaning after 4 to 5 hour of use. Never builds to the point of touching rotating blades but will start clumping when 50 percent of deck volume is grass filled. We are going to stay with this setup for a while if it continues to cut good. If necessary we will remove the mulch kit and side discharge. My concern is most if not all I see here side discharging are running without discharge chute to deflect any thrown debris down. This seems to be a safety risk. I am thinking that with wet heavy spring growth using the side discharge chute the cut grass will "windrow" and look worse than mulch mowing.

    We are new to the 52 inch Stander and are learning so would appreciate other Lawnsite members experience.
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    Download this pdf...
    I have a Gravely w/ a 48" deck that uses 16.25" blades.
    On Friday I ordered the following blades: (use the binocular search thing in Acrobat)

    90-416 - They are standard flat blade highlift mulchers - used for open discharge.

    93-400 - They fit with the 90-416's as "doubles" - notice the bends in the blades that keep all of the cutting edges at the same height - used for open discharge.

    For closed-deck mulching you might want to look for something like this..
    Those blades lift and cut on the outter edge, then re-cut and push down with the inner section. I run the ones pictured, plus a lighter set that came with my mulching baffles. It works really well.

    Of course, you will need to choose blades that are the correct length and bolt hole size... my numbers are just examples.
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    I run doubled Gator Mulchers with Mulch kit on My JD 737, I mulch wet tall grass without having to slow down very much and have very little trailing, when the grass is dry I mulch full speed and have no problems with trailing of clippings or uncut grass, the cut quality is excellent. I don't think I will ever go back to running a single blade setup again, the only drawback I see is that the motor really works hard with this setup and will probably lead to premature engine replacement. I feel for the quality of the cut it is worth it.
    I run the regular recommended High lift gator on top with a up curved gator on the bottom so the blade tip height is equal.
    If you try a setup like this you will never want to go back.
  6. kmann

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    Ditto!! I don't either.
  7. CutInEdge Lawn Care

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    If you ever want to test doubles vs. single. We can run side by side. Might be a learning curve for both of us. For everyday use on St. Augustine dbls arent really needed. However, experimenting with dbls on bahia I will never go back to singles. There is no comparison between singles and dbls with bahia!! Give me a call!! Good Luck!!

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    What kind of stuff do you need to buy to run doubles?
  9. naturescape

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    Have you ever tried them? Medium lift under a gator? Better striping, leaves finer clippings, shreds leaves, all while side discharging. I run a mulch kit with single mulch blades from late fall to late spring. I run doubles the rest of the time.

    Doubles are what this site used to be all about in my opinion!
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    We run Toro's with the SFS deck, doesn't mulch well at all with single blades. With doubles I can mulch most of my properties, and people here are very picky because most local LCOs bag. The way we run doubles is a high lift and a mulching blade on each spindle, I just fabricated a plate that is bolted to the bag reciever, when I want to mulch, I just swing the plate down, to bag I just swing it back. My double blade set up also allows me to side discharge leaving smaller clippings.

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