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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by maustm, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. maustm

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    Anyone run double blades on a 21? i was thinking a guy could use a single 21" highlift blade and add like a 16" gator blade with the same hole size. This might help cut up some clippings when side discharghing or even mulching. Let me know if you have done or tried this? i would think this would give a nice cut with the high lift and leave small pieces with the teeth on the gator blade?

    Anyone? Beuller?
  2. JimQ

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  3. Heintooga

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    I haven't tried Gator Blades but I have a MicroCut and Snapper Ninja. I prefer the Snapper for mulching, bagging and side discharge.
  4. maustm

    maustm LawnSite Member
    from Midwest
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    Forgive the image, but this is what I was thinking. What do you guys think, effective or a waste?

    A standard high lift blade for a 21" mower with a smaller gator blade, same size center hole, but shorter lenght, 16" or so. i thought the smaller blade might shred clippings, but be lighter (less engine stress), while the high lift sucks the grass up for a nice cut. what you think.... did I blow your mind?

  5. lawns Etc

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    I think that you will need alot more power than any 21 can handle I have a Snapper 21 with 6 hp Kawi and it struggles in thick gras sometimes.
  6. DT Lawn Care

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    Some of the Honda 21"s have double-blade systems as their standard, when I started out I bought two POSs, HRT or HRC (I forget) 216s, and they both came with the double-blade systems. Would not recommend the mowers at all, but I believe they left a good cut.
  7. lifetree

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    Interesting concept !!
  8. aahotard

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    seems to me like you may get some vibration because it wouldnt be balanced
  9. 4.3mudder

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    Power, doubt you will have power enough unless it came with them from the factory like Honda and the Snapper Ninga blades.

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