Doubles on 36" Toro?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lonnie13, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. lonnie13

    lonnie13 LawnSite Member
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    Anyone out there running doubles on a 36" Toro? I have the SFS deck with 15 kohler.

    from AL
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    I have the same mower & am running doubles. You have to toss the blade stiffener. Doubles work great on this mower in the spring for discharging. I don't mulch with this unit.
  3. TheGrassGuy

    TheGrassGuy LawnSite Member
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    I have the same mower - 15 h.p. with 36" SFS. Can you give us some info on your setup with the doubles? I am not familiar with the blade stiffener. What blades are you using and how are they hooked up?

    You say you do not mulch with this mower. Is this because the doubles work so well? Do you have anything added for striping?

  4. Mark P

    Mark P LawnSite Senior Member
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    :) I think he is talking about the craddels, some take them off for running doubles, Ive been running doubles on a Z-Master for 3yrs and all i do is put the first blade on then a 1/2" washer then the other blade, ive had no problems doing it this way.....Marks Mowing Service

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  5. PR Fect

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    Mark, what stops the blades from turning on you? Mashed together not at right angles?

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