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doubles on hustlers

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anyone found a good setup?if so what...
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I use the stacked gator blades setup, I haven't tried any other combination yet.
Generates tremendous air flow! That you can hear. In the semi drought conditions here, no rain for a while, running doubles produce impressive dust clouds. Stripes well, with the increased volume of air present.
The stacked gator blades, [6] of them, are sharpened and then balanced using a Magna Matic blade balancer. Thats a lot of metal spinning, and I think all that weight needs to be balanced, to achieve maximum blade tip speed. When properly balanced, the spin down time for the blades after you disengage the clutch, is way longer. The engine handles the extra load, mulching tall grass well. I have the 52" deck with the 23hp Kawasaki, using a Qwikchute.
I am going to install the factory blow out kit for use with the Qwikchute to improve grass blow out.
The results, to me, are impressive. Cutting results on wet grass is improved. I am satisfied with the arrangement, but would like to hear more from other concerning their experiences running doubles on the Hustler.
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I've used gators on the top over the factory blades , cut was good but felt I lost to much power, have not had doubles on in a long time!
Currently I am running Bobcat offset highlifts on top and Gators on the bottom on both machines. Using the Bobcat blades as they are not as heavy as the factory Hustler blades. I can't tell you the results in heavy grass as there is none right now with the lack of rain. I believe Switchless is the member that recommeded this set up.

thx for the replies. i was really wandering also will the clutch handle all of the extra load.we have been having rain 1-2 days a week here (not that im complaining)im having to double cut about
half of my yards.thx again
Hey Steve,
I think it was P & J Lawncare that had recommended the Bobcat (offset)high lifts over gators as they end up very close to the same cut height and as was mentioned the Bobcats are standard thickness and weight (.204 I believe). I'd love to hear how they work out; they're available through JThomas. BTW, the demo went very well.
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