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  1. Grounds Care

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    I've seen several postings about running double blades over the last several months. I'm using a John Deere 655 with the new 54 Inch 7 Iron Deck and there is not enough shaft to properly run doubles. Any suggestions?
  2. cp

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    Just because you here people talking about running doubles doesn't mean you have to. I don't know about your equipment but you may not be able to configure it for that use.

    I'm in the process of trying some different combinations on my Exmark 60' Lazer and I am still trying single blade setups. You can see the posts on "Testing Blades".

    I should also add that you can generate a SEARCH using the button in the upper right of the screen.

    :blob3: Happy Mowering:blob3:
  3. awm

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    you might try a thiner blade,if you can find one that adapts.
  4. Eric ELM

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    Grounds Care

    If your deck is like my deck on my JD 430 with a 60" deck, you have a 3/4" camber sticking down 1/4" from the spindle and then you are probably using a 5/8" bolt to hold the blades on. If this is what you have, get a blade the same length as your JD blades, but with a 5/8" hole. I do this on my JD and it works fine. I use a blade off my 60" Choppers for this since they have the 5/8" hole in them. I explained all this on the double blade page on my website.
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    I have a m665 and you can run doubles if you find a blade that will fit snug on the bolt. I don't think there's a way to mount two blades on the regular chamfer. I've quit using doubles because of the excessive dust they create.:blob3:

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