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  1. AboveTheCut

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    forgive me for asking something that may be obvious to some but i hear about folks running double blades on a lazer. does this really make a difference? is it harder on the machine? do you just bolt an extra set of blades on or do you need anything special. i have a 52 lazer w/23 kohler ultra cut deck and currently running gators. i have new high lifts, just wondering if i should add them and run doubles and any specific order they need to be in (ex. gators on top or bottom) or if this will actually help cut.
  2. Sweet Tater

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    I have run doubles on my lazer 52/23. I did notice a difference in the size of the discharged clipping and it seemed that it blew the clipping out further and scattered them better. Some will tell you that it is harder on the spindles, belt and motor. I think I tend to agree with that. however I will still occasionally run doubles but not always.
    I ut mine on with gators on top and highlifts on bottom. put them on in a +. they will move around still. theres no special adapter but do make sure you put them on tight. first time I run them I guess I didn't tighten them enough and the right hand blades loosened. To be honost tho, I bought a mulch kit for the lazer and think it does lots better than doubles. I can mow faster and get a better cut. This is just my opinion.
    btw don't let the dealer know you run doubles, I believe it will void your warrenty
  3. Turf Dawg

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    I know the old style Walker mulch deck is double blades. I had a Gravely that I bought the factory adapter for the double blade set up, also Dixie Chopper has {or used to} a bracket for running doubles. I personally think the only thing that running doubles affects is the clutch at start-up. Most people run the gators over high lift blades. I do not know about your Ultra cut deck, but I have run doubles on a toro sfs and the gravely I had and the cut was better. The mowers I have now it does not seem to make a big difference so I just run single blades.
  4. snowmizer

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    I have run doubles on my 60" exmark lazer, it made it harder on the clutch upon start up. I did not notice any benefits as far as cut goes but they do work great for heavy leaves. gators on top, highlifts on the bottom. As a side note it makes the the mower sound like a prop plane.:laugh:
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    It is definately harder on the clutch BUT you forgot to say the ELECTRIC CLUTCH.
    The Walker and the Dixie Chopper both have manual clutches and the double blade arrangement is from the factory. It is not hard on the spindles as this is a balanced arrangement for these mowers. When you pull the little yellow button, the electric clutch engages. I used to run a double setup on a Toro WB. After 2 clutches in 3 months I saw the "benefit" of doubles on an electric clutch go flying away at a 100 bucks per clutch.
    I have a Walker 52 SD with the doubles kit and it is an excellent set up. It will demolish and spread clippings 20 feet away or will mulch leaves to dust. I am a big fan of the manual clutch, unfortunately only a few Mfgs. use them.
  6. Tharrell

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    Remember a couple of years ago and that's all everybody was talking about?
    Pro, con, it's what consumed about every thread except maybe "what should I charge?" which is the all time number 1 question I think. Tony
    btw- The answer to the charge question is $15!!!
  7. Big Wes

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    Don't you think that if it were wise to run doubles the MFG. would have designed it that way?
  8. Richard Martin

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    I think you might be better off with the Meg-Mos if you have the power to turn doubles. The Meg-Mos are actually a couple of pounds lighter than doubles.
  9. topsites

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    I've been asking that same question for many years.
  10. Tharrell

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    Don't you guys remember Dixie and Gravely pushing doubles a couple of years ago?
    Hey, I tried it on a small 21 and it worked great.
    Funny thing, I sharpened the blades and put them on finger tight because I was in a rush, was goinna tighten them later. Someone stole it the next day!
    I hope they got a very nice surprise!!! Tony
    Oh yeah, I tried them on a Bob-Cat walkbehind too. I used regular hilifts and gators, it worked great but, the blades wouldn't stay crossed "X".

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