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    my crews are having to spend too much time on the lawns because the grass is growing so vigorously right now. same thing as last year. however, after reading much about doubles, i was very excited to try it myself. so i tried on a john deere, f-620 ztr 60". a pair of stock blades on each spindle, they are the only kind i have for the f-620. these blades must way five pounds each, at least. i was worried about the weight, but they turned fine. no noticeable difference, even in high grass.

    i mowed about 8 strips at 3.5" in about 6"grass, then mowed 8 with a deere hd-75, 54" w/b with a single set of gators. there was zero difference in the discharge. none. nada, el zippo. none.

    i want the magic effect of not having to double cut high grass i keep reading about. whats up with this? i don't want to spend a bunch of money on different blades for the double set up if i'm not going to get that 'magical' effect. i also have a few exmarks, will it DEFINITELY have the magical effect on one of those? on a laser 60", how about a turf tracer 60"?
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    i just started using doubles and WOW! what a huge difference, not nearly the blow out. granted it takes a few more horses to power the blades but i dont let grass get six inches high so i really dont have to worry about that, and if i did i would just slow down a bit. DOUBLES ROCK!
  3. charlies

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    yea, when i was testing the doubles out, i drove through the backyard of our shop to the school field where the grass was very tall. my point is that i do not see a difference between the two, even at that extreme height.

    as i mentioned, i noticed no power difference at all.
  4. Meg-Mo

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    Try the MEG MO blades. Cut on same plain, no balance Problems, knives stay sharp longer, grass cut up finer, replacement knives only $3.95 each.
  5. charlies

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    thanks for the suggestion megmo. i might consider that. do you guarantee that there will be a noticeable difference in discharge between the meg-mo and a single set of gator blades?
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    Hey Meg Mo,

    I really want to try a set of blades out for each of my Exmarks.
    The 36' wb has a 15 horse kawi and when running doubles there is no problem with booging down the engine in high or wet grass so I should be fine with the meg mo set up on the 36'. The only concern that I have is the 60' Lazer with a 23 kawi boggs down in high and high wet grass a good bit, I am just worried that this engine does not have enough power to run those blades fast enough to get a good cut all the time.
    Also how do these blades work with using a OCDC plate? Is there a lot of blowout then under the deck that will go into the beds still when the plate is closed and running between two mulch beds that are close??

    Thanks for any advise you can give me. I think that I am going to try them on the 36 first and see how that works.
  7. charlies

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    are you a giant?:D
  8. PaulJ

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    Try a set of gators on top of a set of standard or high lift blades. That's what I use. Also make sure your engine speed is up where it should be (3600-3800).
    Do you have your discharge chute up or down or off? Off is best for dispersing clippings but there is a safety factor to consider.
    Maybe the deere stamped decks aren't the right design to take advantage of the airflow produced by doubles.
  9. Meg-Mo

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    Charlies-Yes grass is cut 5-6 times smaller and the grass is blown out no more lumps and clumps.

    Gilla Gorilla-23 Kawi is a little short of power, but the quality of cut is still there and no more lumps or clumps. If you have a good OCDC you will have no problems. Sometime soon we will put a picture of an OCDC that really works.
  10. chevyman1

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    my Dixie factory blades are incredible. No reason to switch

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