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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by NiteTymeIlluminations, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Well I thought I'd let you guys know I'm leaving wholesale distribution. I began Nite Tyme Illuminations, Inc. in 1998 and truly enjoyed 99% of the time. NTI was bought in May by the Wolf Creek Company and I continued to work with them until now. As of January 1st I will be in a totally different place. I want to thank you guys for the support. As I stated I truly enjoyed my time with NTI. I wish I had an opportunity to work with a few more of you guys. And for those who have orders in house dont worry, Wolf Creek will continue to run NTI. I, until Jan 1st will be making sure everything goes smoothly and everyone gets their lights. My cell phone number will not change as I've had this number since 1997; its my connection to the world.

    Okay so where am I going? For now thats a secret but I am going to work for my largest client full time. If anyone understands that and wants to talk they can call me anytime.

    Thanks again for all the support; I'll be sticking around on the forum for sure...There's always great ideas floating around in here.
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    Good luck Doug. Keep in touch!
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    We hardly got to know ye.
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    Good Luck in your new Venture Doug!
    I have always enjoyed your posts here......keep it up!

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