Dovetail Ramp for Box Trucks (places to buy)

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Danger, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Danger

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    Wil-Ro (Gallatin, TN)

    Super Lawn Trucks (Fort Valley, GA)

    Handy Ramp

    Conyers (Madison, GA)

    K&K Manufacturing (Griffin, GA)

    Complete Truck Bodies (Gay, Georgia)

    Trailer Outlet (Flanders, NJ)

    I am currently searching for a lawn truck (June 2010). I'm thinking the best bet is buying a used box truck and then installing a dovetail ramp. Ebay has some nice options for around $3000. With a ramp and some maintenance, that's about $5000. If you have any questions/comments, visit my website at
  2. MikeKle

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    Just build the dovetail onto the truck yourself, or hire someone who is good at metal fab. It isnt that hard to do a dovetail, and really doesnt take that much steel, depending on the size of course, but $300-$500 in steel should be plenty for a dovetail, maybe much less if you find a good steel dealer.
  3. Danger

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    On building the ramp myself...

    a) I don't have any welding or steel experience.
    b) I don't have the proper tools
    c) I don't have any ramp building knowledge

    It's too much of a liability for me to do it. I can imagine the ramp falling off onto a worker... or worse, it falls off on the highway causing a 3 car pile up.

    Seeking out a professional metal worker who has years of experience (especially someone who has built ramps before) would be the best solution. In other posts, I've read of people taking ramp pictures and showing them to a metal worker, as they aren't that complicated.

    Also, I live in Georgia and there are 4 places I can compare prices. If all 4 of these places are too expensive, I'll search out a local blacksmith.
  4. South Florida Lawns

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    Most trailer dealers will be able to do this for you. I find its cheaper than the big companies.
  5. The Don'z

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    you know of any one building dovetails and ramps in south texas?

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