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    know this was brought up b4- but i found the rebate form
    and amounts-- its not very good for fert+dimension
    but something is better than nothin
    thought i'd share

    i plan on submitting this myself this year, my jdl rep said he was
    doing it for me last year and he either never did or i never got my
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    Good post...

    Just some things to condider...

    In 2008 the Dow rebate had to equal a MINIMUM of $300 REBATE dollars for you to get a check. That means, if you didn't purchase enough to get $300 in rebate back to you, Dow would not cut a check.

    However in 2009 Dow is giving you from sept 1st of 2008 to aug 31st of 2009 to purchase your products and has a NEW MINIMUM rebate of $200 making it easier to achieve for smaller customers.

    The reason the Dimension on fert isn't a HUGE rebate is because a lot of the cost is not Dow product, you are paying for fertilizer so Dow can give you rebate on a product that is no theirs. However, Dimension 2EW has a rebate of $12.75 per gallon. Mach 2 insecticide also has a very nice rebate!

    Hope that helps!

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