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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TPendagast, May 3, 2014.

  1. TPendagast

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    It would be pointless to down size from 1 ton vehicles to 3/4 ton vehicles
    Nothing to be gained there.

    No point in owning light duty (class 1,2,3)
    Vehicles in diesel anymore
    Price is grossly overstated to the benefits.

    Fuel Mileage isn't what it should be.
    Gas vehicles have gotten so much better power an economy.
    Half ton trucks have gotten so much better on towing capacity

    The gaps have closed so tight in the last decade.

    Just look at the 6.2 gasser ford had out now.
    Compare that to a diesel
    Don't think I'd advocate buying another powerstroke anymore
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  2. Efficiency

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    I must be confused here. I thought you were the resident consultant with all the answers. Still running lawn mowers? Still out plowing? That's a big ego deflation.
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  3. JCLawn and more

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    Hemi verses eco diesel. 18 on the freeway with the hemi, eco diesel 30+. The eco diesel has more power.
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  4. TPendagast

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    You read selectively, Don't you?

    I already explained the extent of the business I do now, I Don't have a need for a one ton truck anymore.

    It's Alaska, no one in the business doesn't "go out plowing". But in supervisory/management role, I don't 'really' need my own blade… it's just more of the "I happened to be here and saw a windrow that didn't get picked up", instead of calling someone back to hit it.

    The consulting/sub contracting world isn't full on constant work however.
    So there's always the opportunity to go out and do your own work, if you aren't working with someone who is picking it up or qualified to do it.
    However, that's happening increasingly less and less.

    They must be learning how to do it, huh?
  5. TPendagast

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    Do you actually own one or just reading the booklets from Chrysler?

    There was much acclaim to the duramax back in the day that boasted 25 mpg, when that engine first came out… Full of it.

    The Scion I bought for sales and service calls never got the 30+ mpg it was supposed to.

    But the Mini van I used instead got 22-24 and was capable of towing small things like an air compressor quite well!

    I dont really buy things (especially trucks and equipment) off the hoopla of what the mfg claims it will do.

    A dodge pickup also doesn't have the features to accommodate the versatility of what I want to do either…it is after all, a standard pick up truck… which I already have a few…

    I also don't really want to drop 44-50k into a 1/2 ton pick up… especially if Im going to the it off road, put smelly fish int he back of it, hose it out, camp out of the back of it on job sites, with the family, at the state fair… yakity yak…
    No plans of cruising the boulevard with it.

    I'm simply look at the wisdom of keeping redundant vehicles (none of which suit my situation perfectly) vs. trading in for something that suits maybe 85-90% of what I do year round…but giving up the 'maybe/what ifs' of snow plowing, trailering and or hauling heavy loads. Which as Ive said repeatedly…I just don't do anymore.

    The jeep could be set up to two behind the 1 ton, and I could put a camper int he back of the 1 ton…but what a firkin eye sore.

    I really just want my parking area cleared out some (and maybe down size that too!) and have the ability to work/play form the same rig.

    The Avy can still tow some stuff (snow machines, light trailers to include lawn mowers etc) If I need to.
    I probably personally towed my own lawn mowers….. 3 times last year?
    a bobcat and/or excavator 3 times (and I didn't have to, I could have made someone else do it, or simply used another truck)
    Went to go get ice melt a dozen times, but again, I could have easily used another truck or sent someone else….

    See what I mean, I don't 'need' the one ton…. Plus they ride like a fully suited knight in a chicken fight!
  6. TPendagast

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    What an avalanche does for me:

    -potentially replaces both my one ton personal rig and my jeep.
    with the mid gate down, windows down and sunroof open, it still gives the open airiness thats's sweet with the jeep without having to hassle with the jeep roof.

    - side storage on these is awesome, I love it. The storage drains, so I can wash it out or use one side filled with ice to store my fish that I caught while out on a remote site, and not mess with separate coolers etc.

    - the truck tent so I don't have to haul a camper trailer or have a camper insert take up my bed, plus you can use side doors to get in and out, as well as turn on the heat, AC or use the radio as needed… outlet power supply right there in the truck.

    -stand on tonneau cover to get to the roof rack and stored things I have up there (usually in a thule)

    - gets about the same MPG as my jeep.

    -if I need to carry something long, I can use the mid gate.

    - takes up less space than multiple vehicles and a camper tailer

    - is able to tow something instead of the camper trailer

    - it can still tow plenty.

    - way better ride and off road capability than the 1 ton (even though my 1 ton is lifted and geared up for that)

    - did i mention he incredible ride?

    What it can't do.

    - can't replicate it's self and be a back up vehicle if it's in need of repair.
    - can't really commercially plow (plows are available for it but, well you know)
    - can't haul heavy equipment (that I never do any more)
    - can't haul a full sized snowmobile in the bed (easily) - I don't HAVe to do this, can trailer them
    - can't haul walk behind lawn mowers in the bed (I don't actually do this anymore, but I was thinking I might start it up again)---- I can haul one…but no REALLY two… I might, but then the second one would be in your back seat! lol
    -can't haul a pallet of fertilizer of other ton weight landscape items (I can use a trailer for this if I really needed to…but this is what other trucks and people are for)

    anyway…Ive chosen the avalanche because It has the most features that I want to combine together to make the ultimate personal vehicle for what I do.
    Not because it has the most torque, capacity or MPG…although it doesn't do horrible in any of those categories.

    I already have trucks that suit my needs, Im just using the one tone less and less and gosh, I never have the jeep when I want it, Im always in a truck… once you 'go get' the jeep…the moment has passed.
    I just use it for the week end driver now… and the one day, someday when maybe I take a lawn crew out and haul the mowers with my jeep int he open air… yea… i know it hasn't happened in years.

    Im pretty much just looking for options on why going to one vehicle might be a bad idea , or something hideously unknown to me about the avalanche.
  7. larryinalabama

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    Its still not a Jeep, Do chicks like those Avalanches?
  8. TPendagast

    TPendagast LawnSite Fanatic
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    ya man, I know!

    I should post a pic of the jeep…
    Why does it NEVER work here… wth.. I can never up load pics
  9. larryinalabama

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    I cant eighter.

    Seems a Jeep would be a cool vehicle in Alaska???
  10. Armsden&Son

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    Wait a minute...


    Don't you have a freaking tractor trailer set up?

    Swear I saw one on the Sunrise website....

    Was that the wrong website?

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