Down sizing equipment size to become more efficient??

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by KrayzKajun, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. KrayzKajun

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    Ok so i may just be rambling here. Going into my 8th season. Ive always thought that having the biggest equipment (full size skidsteer, gooseneck dump trailer etc. ) after looking back over the past two seasons of being fulltime, ive noticed my self doing more hand work(wheel barrow etc) due to my machine being too big for the averge landscape install we do. Take my latest install. Had to shovel/wheel barrow soil into the beds becuz my wheeled skid would have done more damage than good and would have to make 4trips to switch out trailers etc. i added up rental fees for the last two years for a mini skid and i could have bought a used one already. So ive been thinking of ways to minimize time lost due to making extra trips, and time spent doing extra "hand labor".

    This is what im contemplating. Focusing on lawn/landscape maintenance and smaller installs. I really want to get a box truck for a dedicated mowing rig .
    Sell my big 18' dump trailer and my mustang skidsteer.
    Use the money from them to buy the used boxtruck ive got my eye on and the find a used mini skid for $10k or so. Maybe even a smaller bumperpull dump trailer.

    I have my enclosed trailer to haul plants/ mini skid. Keeping my gooseneck deckover to haul my tractor.

    Ok my ramble is over.
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  2. extremecutter

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    I think you're idea is heading into the direction. In the look for a small dump trailer is a common size. So in the future it can be a quick sale if needed. Because if you keep headed the way you are heading, I would suggest to get a rolloff truck for the work you are doing. It will be some upfront money, but the thing you will be able to do will be amazing. Put a dumpster on the truck with soil, plant,materials and pull your enclosed with the tools plant,and mini skid. If you do storm damage in the future, you can put the debris in the box and tow around a skidsteer or your tractor. Also as some extra income, buy some extra dumpsters and rent them out for trash. Also put your sand bagger on a flatbed and pull it on the truck and pull a skidsteer to load it. Probably more possibilities. something to chew on!
  3. knox gsl

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    I'm with you on the smaller landscape projects. I make the most profit off of them and the smaller equipment is more versatile. Using a 1ton dump loaded with materials and a mini skid/ plants in the trailer is more effective. You could easily do $3k installs in a 10 hour day with 3 guys.
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  4. KrayzKajun

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    Exactly. If would have had a mini skid this week, i could have finished two small installs in 2days maybe even 1 long day. Plus i would like to market to being able to do backyard installs etc.
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  5. Oxmow

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    I have rented a mini skid a lot too. I have also rented the Ditch Witch Zahn to trench with. My favorite by far is the Ditch Witch SK650 diesel...great power and versatility. Just wish it would get over the sides of my dumptruck.
  6. alldayrj

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    You honesty need to narrow/select your market. Go big and keep the big. Go small and buy small. Do both nd buy both. I'm looking to buy a mini as well.
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  7. dycproperties

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    My two cents is do both. Keep what you have and add a mini skid and smaller dump as the budget allows and down the road if you end up not using certain pieces much then look at selling them off. IMO if you are using what you have the best plan is to rent or buy a used mini skid. It hurts short term to keep spending on equipment but my experience is that long term that's what allows you to grow and be diversified. Eventually Have all the right equipment to do any job that falls in your service offering. I would not sell off equipment that is still making you money.
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  8. Hollowellreid

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    yeah...make up your mind man. There is no easy or perfect answer here.

    in a perfect world you would have both small and large setups...I'd really like to ad another excavator approx 80 size sometime to give us 3 setups.

    Mini setup is Terex PT30/Tak TB016

    Mid size is Takeuchi tl130/ Deere 35 D

    Big would be our cat wheel loader and the 80 size excavator.

    One is never going to do it all. But i do see the value in the smaller equipment...the small stuff has proven a good niche/value adder for us.
  9. LindblomRJ

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    First, pick what you want to do and focus on it. Second considering hiring help, run a crew doing both large and small project or to run a mowing crew. Realize you can't always do it yourself and it is okay to cover bases, as long as you have help.

    I'd say get some smaller equipment, it would seem from the outside, that smaller equipment might be a better fit. If you can keep both running most of the time it would be winning.
  10. alldayrj

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    My dream mini setup. How are they working for you?
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