Down Sizing Mowers


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Just checking to see if anyone else has ever down sized mower
size. We had 2- 52" Z and a 62" Z and found that the 62" was just to big for the properties we have. Most of lawns are 2 acres or less tightly landscaped. Our equipment list now is 1 Toro 52"Z, 2 Exmark 52" Lazer HP, and 17/48 Hustler Hydro Walkbehind.


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I havent. But I see some guys trying to use way to big of mowers on some lawns. I seen a guy last year spend ten minutes trying to get a 52 in. Z over a curb to do a piece of grass 20 ft by 40 ft. He could of pushed mowed it in 5 minutes.

Aaron Marshall

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I downsized, I bought a Husky 6126 zero turn, and it was way to big for the places I needed to go. I went to a Walker with a 48" deck, the best move I could have made!


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36", 48" and at biggest 52" not bigger or smaller than these, as lawns getting smaller or staying current size. I found that 36" in combination with 48" or 52" are the best for every occasion.

P&C Lawn Care

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Yukon Oklahoma
I have a 42" ZTR that does great on smaller or tight properties. A mix of large and small equipment can increase productivity.

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