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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by pclawncare, Dec 24, 2007.

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    I have been looking at and more than likely going to purchase a dump insert before next season but i am having trouble finding dealers near me in Oklahoma. The only dealer that i have found even remotely close to me for any brand of insert is truck craft dealer in ks which is about 2 hr away. I am looking for a way to find the downeaster web site to search for a dealer. If anyone else knows of any other dealers near me id appriciate it. I cant believe more people dont use these around here but i have only seen one in my town.
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    call downeaster.

    I have a Downeaster stainless steel insert, I love it. There are truckcraft dealers within 10 minutes of my shop, however.... IMO truckcrafts are mainly for show and dont have the capabilities as the downeaster. Dont get me wrong, truckcrafts are nice and their tailgate is nice, however think the downeaster is alot better, stronger, and simpler, however the downeaster with all the options minus the salter came in at about $5,400-$5,600. The truckcraft with all the options minus the salter was about $500 less.

    You cant go wrong with the downeaster, just call them and they will direct you to a dealer or sell one directly to you.

    downeaster website is

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