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What lamp wattage and beam spread do you prefer for downlighting?

Assume that the fixture is mounted 25'+.

If there are variables such as I prefer X wattage and Y degrees for a natural moonlighting look, but A wattage and B degrees if the purpose is to illuminate and area for safety/security. Or if the purpose is to illuminate the tree the fixture is mounted in I use this, but if the purpose is to illuminate a larger area on the ground I use this ...please include that info.


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I will go out on a limb here (pun intended) and suggest that I have more tree mounted downlights installed than any other contractor who participates on this forum.

I have tried so many fixtures for this application it would make your head spin. For the most part they ALL have failed for one reason or another. The CAST Treelight CCTL1C is the best product I have found yet.

Alan, I would strongly recommend you do not remove the lens from your planned tree light. Around these parts we cannot use an open fixture as we get all sorts of bugs, esp. catapillars, moths, and other cocoon type insects that love to establish themselves in the fixture / shroud if they can. Also, if someone wants to use LED MR16 lamps in the fixtures they really need to be kept as dry as possible. An open fixture will allow rain / snow that is whipped up by the wind to contact the lamps. (this will also shorten the life of Halogens)

As for lamps, I have only used 35W FMW on a couple of occasions when the ambient light dictated the need for a brighter effect. 20W BAB and 3000K45 Deg LED MR16s are my lamp of choice for over 95% of my installed fixtures.

Remember guys... "the higher the light the closer to God" I try to stay above 30 feet always.

If you would like to pick my brain on your new fixture, give me a call when I get back to my office.
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Send me a bunch of them for installation up here Joey, I will document how they perform and send them back to you for evaluation if/when they fail.

Open fixtures are the stuff of the 70's and 80's. We should be pushing for more IP rated fixtures for all applications, then there would be no question as to a fixture's effectiveness and longevity no matter what environment it is installed in.

IP Ratings are going to be the next big thing in LV outdoor lighting fixtures, watch and see.
Ingress Protection Ratings.

Some of the better manufacturers already submit their products for IP certification. I am working with a new manufacturer who is committed to producing only IP65+ rated fixtures in all configurations.
How many lights you want James? 100, 200? :laugh:
No Joey, I think 10 would do. I will install them in the woods behind my home. When the forest tent caterpillars and moths and such build their cocoons inside the fixtures, and when the rain and snow whips up into the exposed lamps causing them to fail prematurely, I will take close up photos and then send them back to you.

Open fixtures are no joke when it comes to longevity. Everything inside takes a beating over time.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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