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What lamp wattage and beam spread do you prefer for downlighting?

Assume that the fixture is mounted 25'+.

If there are variables such as I prefer X wattage and Y degrees for a natural moonlighting look, but A wattage and B degrees if the purpose is to illuminate and area for safety/security. Or if the purpose is to illuminate the tree the fixture is mounted in I use this, but if the purpose is to illuminate a larger area on the ground I use this ...please include that info.


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Great tip about the knocking out lens and adding honeycomb louver.

We are re-designing the Top Dog fixture for downlight specific applications-- possibly we'll use your advice and make the fixtures with no lens and a honeycomb louver instead. When i think about it .. it's a great idea. I don't see why the lens is needed when it will be aimed down, it will keep all condensation,moisture out and possibly help LED retrofits dissipate heat by not keeping the heat trapped inside a sealed fixture.

We already silicon seal where the wires leave the fixture but it's still possible for water to seep thru the knuckle and into the fixture over time. Accordingly we were going to also silicon seal the inside of the body where the lead wires enter the body-- but I like Tim's idea better--guarantees no water inside the fixture, plus adds the benefit of louvers.

Anyone see an issue buying a downlight specific fixture this way --no lens and instead have open louvers? What are your thoughts?

Tim, thank you for the advice.:clapping:


All of our down lights are buiilt that way for that reason. Heavy snow drifts can blow snow up the shroud but the lamp tends to melt it away. We rarely see any issues with our down light fixtures.
Send me a bunch of them for installation up here Joey, I will document how they perform and send them back to you for evaluation if/when they fail.

Open fixtures are the stuff of the 70's and 80's. We should be pushing for more IP rated fixtures for all applications, then there would be no question as to a fixture's effectiveness and longevity no matter what environment it is installed in.

IP Ratings are going to be the next big thing in LV outdoor lighting fixtures, watch and see.
How many lights you want James? 100, 200? :laugh:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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