Downrate a vehicles weight?! (to be under cdl)

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by LandTechandNLS, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. LandTechandNLS

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    I am looking to buy another used VDOT truck and the one I have my eye one
    has a weight rating GVW 30,000
    ORANGE 1995 INTERNATL 4700 HTRK miles:86697 , equipment: 6D FM 5S PS AC HT , announcements: 31000 GVW EX-DUMP TRUCK

    Can I legally change the weight to 25,999-26,000 GVW so it can be under CDL range?

    It does have air brakes though....
  2. LandTechandNLS

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    im guessing dealers can only do that??
    When i went to a dealer to look at new trucks they said they downrate the vehicle to be under cdl range...
  3. zak406

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    My current boss at my new job has frightliners 3 of them to be exact and one international, he downgraded the class of the truck to be below cdl weight. I am able to drive them with airbrakes (airbrakes have nothing to do wiht a cdl) He used to have them were his drivers had to have a cdl but he does not haul heavy enough to justify the extra money for insurance and registration The trucks are like this..

    btw i dont have my cdl....

    I know it can be done but i dont know exactly who you go through to do it...
  4. RoyalTree

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    I have done it on both my trucks that were 33k gvwr. My bucket trucks have dump boxes but we use chip trucks or grapple truck to deal with the garbage so bucket truck only hauls tools and small leftover debris at times so we never go over 25k on the scales. Truck weight 21k empty.

    I had the dmv change my weight when i registered the truck. Saves on insurance, tag and a whole lot of other expenses. Just make sure you are not going to go over 26,000 lbs EVER. If DOT gets you over cdl weight you are going to get tickets for everything under the sun.
  5. nepatsfan

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    A truck can be non cdl and have air brakes. If a cdl truck has air brakes you need the endorsement. It really doesn't make sense but thats the way it works
  6. LandTechandNLS

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    very helpful thank you! I figured you could but i didnt want to find out the hard way.
  7. PerfectEarth

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    It's defeating the point of buying a truck with a higher weight rating! I can see wanting to stay under CDL, but trucks of this size already weigh so much, you can't put a thing in them or you will be over 26,000... So when you get pulled over, boom.

    Kinda like what Royal Tree said... but he runs his bucket/chip truck empty. If you have other trucks to swap the load, fine, I guess....still silly IMO. Get a CDL!

    It's like buying a 350 dump truck....truck weighs 9-10,000# and the rating is 13. YAY, you can put a yard of soil in it.
  8. LandTechandNLS

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    I know. But the truck I have now is used for leaf removal and snow primarily. I built a large leaf box with leaf sucker.
    Not to run around and do maint. Maybe help on a install every once in a while.
    It's a 5 yard dump body so it's not like it will carry alot of weight anyway.
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  9. Duffster

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    Endorsement for what?

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