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  1. Russ

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    Am I nuts? Condo Pres. called to say he didn't get my proposal for next year. I said I know. I recomend you aggressively pursue another proposal. He said "you'r a proven commodity,we will expect a reasonable price increase and look forward to your proposal. I said Thank you but no thank you. I have found over the past 5 years there has been excessive input from the residents and a complete lack of consideration for maintance during landscalpe installs. I can only see this problem expanding. This is a 35K mow but very few add ons. Droping it will mean I can lose 2 men 1 day a week. Am I NUTS?
  2. HarryD

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    raise the price to what you think it should be to make it worth the trouble . I know doing any place that has a home owner type setup is a real pain in the butt . even though you are mowing one place your still mowing 50 with all the condo owners who think it should be done a certain way and plant stuff that makes it impossible to mow :mad: I know exactly where you are coming from
  3. devildog

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    IN A NUTSHELL..... !! Frankly most of us drool over having accts that are five years old, willing to give you a reasonable raise AND want your service. But I sounds like you have some headaches, that are not in your post.

    Here's a way to head-off some off them. Ask the Board to form a grounds committee w/ chairman (person). In your new agreement (push for a multi-year w/ automatic rate increases / cola / insurance clause / cpi clause / gas clause), set - up the formal method - lines of comunication. Cover the email / fax / voice methods. And make it perflectly clear there will be no more informal calls between office & residents or on-site chit-chat between residents and crews. If you need to insert a consultation fee in for the (excessive input) ie, meetings.

    Look back at your #'s; is it really worth giving up 35k a year to lose 16 - 20 hrs of labor a week ????????????????? HELLOOOO
    with regards... devildog
  4. crazygator

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    If you have looked at the numbers and feel good about losing this customer and the employees for this amount of time, then I say do it. Only you know what is going on here. It is easy for us to look in from the outside and think "Wow, is he stupid?".....But remember WE are looking in. We arent in your shoes. If you cant control your business in the ways you want to run it and keep it in the direction you want it to go because of this condo unit, then I would say BYE BYE to this one and move on. You might even be much happier after the fact.

    Just study over it real carefully. You will make the right call. And if it isnt the right call after the fact, then you can always try for it again. Sounds like they like you and your work.
  5. devildog

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    I too, agree with crazygator, We're not in your shoes, but you did ask (old proverb; never ask the question usless your ready for the reply). This looks like a very profitable acct. You do need to establish new communication methods, or price otherwise.

    Never burn bridges, you'll never know when you will need to retreat. with regards... devildog
  6. bubble boy

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    knowing only what you've said above...

    first you dropped them. then they said they would pay more, you still walked.

    trust your gut, don't look back.
  7. LB Landscaping

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    I'll echo what the others have said. If they have offered more money and you still don't want them back they must be a pain to deal with. If you don't feel they are worth your time I wouldn't do them. You'll regret it everytime you get there and there is a problem. Good Luck!!!
  8. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    WOW, thats a big acount to let go! I would love to have that kind of account(with out the head aches)G ood luck in your desision.
  9. dr grass

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    russ - are you high bro?

    shep :confused:
  10. Turfdude

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    I would have to agree w/ the others. We have one very fussy condo site that requires a monthly meeting between a company rep and condo rep to check overthe grounds and see if there is any area that requires extra attention. The residents complaint to the board and thenany VALID concerns are reviewed w/ usby the committee rep. This works well for me. Good luck w/ your decision.


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