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If down stream connectors are connected after the pump, then why do manufacturers recommend not running bleach through it?
I presume you mean that (pump) manufacturers don't recommend running bleach through the pump, right? Down streaming does solve that, however; up-streaming would not.

Down streaming is just one option.


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Even brass DS injector with ceramic ball will last long if you rinse them with water, after pulling chems.
Or you can get all stainless injectors.


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Yea, I don't mind replacing parts when their time is up. I was just confused about the procedure for spraying bleach. Pump up sprayers just don't have the flow to get the product on good. And the pressure washers dilute the mix.

12 volt sprayers need a battery that just complicates everything more. :dizzy::dizzy:

Not many professional pressure wash companies in my area. That's why I want to learn more about the biz..

thanks for help..